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Iron Gym Xtreme chinrest bar

Iron Gym Xtreme chinrest bar


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Test report: Iron Gym Xtreme Klimmzugstange

The Iron Gym Xtreme pull bar was subjected to a practical test. The manufacturer Iron Gym has developed a compact system, which must first be assembled and then immediately ready for every door frame. However, on lightweight construction walls, one should not use this very innovative sports equipment.


A multifunctional sports device for hard use

The Iron Gym Xtreme pull bar is already very extreme at the designation and when the user has finished this rod finished, he has the versatility in front of him. In our test the optics appealed and it seems a bit confusing, but after a few moments of viewing you can see, this pull bar really deserves the term sports equipment. With its dimensions of 40 x 99 x 28 cm and a weight of 3.5 kg, this pull bar is very solid.

At first glance, what has proved itself in the test has also proved true in practical application. This rod holds a lot and it is easy to put into the door frame without the need to install long. It offers best quality in the material and its construction, this sports equipment is versatile and robust.


Many exercises and very good successes

In the test the instructions were used to start the training and to test the multifunctional training rod for its functionality. What is now possible and how safe is the handling? This rod is in itself a training frame, because the classic rod conceals itself in a kind of frame and this device is suitable for normal pull-pulls and special pull-ups in the comb handle.

Muscle training can be operated by everyone at home and the training can be done at home in the own door frame. In the test, these announcements were confirmed by the manufacturer. It is particularly interesting to be able to use this sports equipment on the ground for sit-ups and other arm and shoulder exercises.

Especially the strengthening of the upper body musculature is possible with this sports equipment in real and the indicated exercises from the manual can be completed in the test best. In the test also the safe impression that this sports equipment is safe. What turned out to be a little confusing at the first impression proved to be very advantageous in the practical tests in the test.


The application in resistance to one’s own body

The Iron Gym Xtreme pull-up bar is a sports device that works on the use of your own resistance to the body. This has been tried thoroughly in the test and it is clearly the advantage that the own body is used as a counterweight to the muscle effort. To the construction is to say that the manufacturer this perfect sports equipment has designed so that an adult with 100 kg body weight can easily complete his exercises.

The weight distribution in the construction is ergonomic and that is very good and conceptually solved best. Also the possibilities on the ground were very convincing in the test and so one can say, one gets a training device that also really works.


What exactly the customer gets:

– Secure door bar
– best Purpose Waist / arms
– Requirements Doorway Frame depth: 12 – 16 cm
– max. Load limit 100 kg
– suitable for all standard door frames (60 cm – 80 cm), extension of 90 cm
– safe, quick and easy installation
– enhanced grip positions possible
– security on foam grips
– Operating

The product description of the manufacturer says that this sports equipment serves for fast and strong results and that was proved in the test. Tightening and toning are so easy to achieve with this doorstep, which is what the manufacturer offers with the quality of a high performance sports equipment.


Conclusion guyThe Iron Gym Xtreme pull bar achieves as a conclusion from the test very good values, which are little tarnished over some small disadvantages. The initial confusion and the question of the use of lighter walls results from the construction.

However, this results in the overall view of the product from the test very positive and the customer gets high-quality material and innovative implementation of the design. It is easy to use this sports equipment and the test showed a very good effectiveness in the training. This makes it possible to get a good workout from the upper body between the visits to the studio at home.

This can be done with no effort and without a long installation. One simply takes this finished construction and the versatility of the exercises is convincing. This results in the conclusion as a result of the test a recommendation to purchase. This rack is really worth every penny and the manufacturer says it is for eternity and the test has also confirmed this.

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