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iRobot Roomba 871 in Test

iRobot Roomba 871 robotic vacuum

iRobot Roomba 871 in the test: Read our recent review of the iRobot Roomba 871 and compare it with other vacuum cleaner robots.

iRobot Roomba 871 – Review

The Roomba 871 is one of the current top models of iRobot and it also shows in the test. Fantastic processing, thoughtful service and above all an unprecedented cleaning performance make it the perceived winner. Only the high price and the lack of Lighthouse Navigation spoil the overall impression.

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Roomba 800

The company iRobot was founded in 1990 specializes primarily on the automatic cleaning of floors and sold mainly Staubsaugerroboter millions. With sales in the high three-digit million Americans are still one of the decisive leader in the home robot. In addition to the older and much cheaper 600 and 700 models, the equipment of the 800 series are the current top models are. Even the smaller Roomba 870 (with a slightly different facilities under the name Roomba 871 at Amazon) is a price of around 600 euros but also all but a bargain. The 880s will cost again 100-200 euro more and the previously announced successor Roomba 980 will be more expensive even with a price tag in the thousands again. The tested here Roomba 871 thus allows the best access to the top class and we want to check whether it is really worth so much.


Compared to the smaller models has iRobot Roomba 871 , at least on paper several major advantages. Thus, the hitherto conventional brush has been replaced by two counter-rotating rubber rollers. They should not only take effective dirt, they are also less likely to become matted and wind up any hair or cable. That was in older models actually always been a point of criticism, because as a regular and relatively costly cleaning of the brush was needed. The Aero Force technology is thanks to optimized airflow for much stronger suction worry. In addition, in the dust container sits first time a HEPA filter to ensure that even the smallest particles of dust or pollen really remain in the unit.

Besides there is the Roomba 871 also much proven technology and proven features. So the robot with the central “Clean” button can easily be sent manually cleaning Tour, but also a programming is possible. Up to 7 different times per week can be saved, including the robotic vacuum then gets going fully automatic. The spot mode also can be cleaned also targeted small areas without a complete tour would be needed through the apartment. In addition to the robot and the charging station are a supplied also remote control and a Virtual Wall contain. On a Virtual Lighthouse for better navigation in different rooms you have to give here, however, which has only the more expensive 880 with.

Test result – very good, but not perfect

Already the previous Roomba models were actually getting a very high quality workmanship and stylish designlike and the 871 does not fall within the range of the series. Especially by using clean rubber rollers is he doing here even a small step forward, because not only lead to less maintenance costs, let the overall design a little more clear and modern act. But the advantage is actually not only a visual nature, in the first use of the improvement is also in practice . Where older equipment with brush have wound thin cables and tangled hopelessly, pulls the Roomba 871 even at times as a cable, it can then also relatively unaffected lying on the floor.

This makes the vacuum cleaner a little bit more independent and it is noticeably less often in need of help .Nevertheless, the dust container must of course also regularly emptied and different parts need to be serviced. A red LED on top indicates when the tank is full and is then removed with a handle and emptied very quickly. On the occasion of the filter should always be cleaned and replaced according to the manufacturer after about 2 months.In 6-pack replacement filters cost around 20 euros , can, in our experience, depending on the application, but also easily more than 2 months are used.

In normal mode cleaning Roomba detects the approximate room size and adjusts the cleaning time to then. Due to lack of beacon should be possible to limit individual rooms with the virtual wall and him sucking space for spaceblank. Otherwise, he often loses track and eventually finds not go back to the charging station. This is particularly annoying when it runs out of power under furniture.

When navigating in individual rooms but the Roomba 871 is then a lot of strengths. He reaches all places and also wander without excessively long in space. Thanks to the Dirt Detect sensors it detects heavily soiled places and edited the then thoroughly before it switches back to normal mode. Interim chair legs or other constrictions he verfranst Although like something, it creates in the test nevertheless still sometime to extricate themselves. Light items such as bowls it takes but unfortunately from time to time with and pushes it in front of them, a more precise collision detection would be desirable here.

For cleaning power but really can be the iRobot Roomba 871 then only compliment, because that is top notch.Especially pet owners will be surprised what quantities will collect to coat the robot to the first rides. Also thanks to the HEPA filter it should life in general, but in particular facilitate the of allergy sufferers, significantly.

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Test Conclusion – Quality has its price

Who wants a robotic vacuum cleaner on the cutting edge of technology and is ready for money to take in hand, makes the Roomba 871 definitely nothing wrong. Only if one worth laying on the Lighthouse navigation, you should use the more expensive Roomba 880 prefer.

Compare iRobot Roomba 871 with other Saugrobotern in our Staubsaugerroboter comparison test .

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