The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / iRobot Roomba 782 – Comparison Test

iRobot Roomba 782 – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

VERY GOOD (1:47)
Operation / handling (30%)
VERY GOOD (1.00)
Display (25%)
GOOD (2.17)
Delivery Accessories (5%)
GOOD (1.62)
Battery (20%)
VERY GOOD (1.00)
Security (10%)
GOOD (1.80)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Telematics
    • Double HEPA filter
    • 1 Virtual Wall Lighthouse
    • Intelligent contamination detection
    • Various cleaning modes
    • fall Protection


    • No batteries for Lighthouse

Functions / Features

  • programming function
  • supports remote control
  • Virtual wall supports
  • Included Qty
    virtual walls: 1
  • supports Lighthouse
  • Volume dust container: 500 cc
  • HEPA filter
  • Included Qty Replacement filter: 1
  • Anti-Tangle function
  • Dust bin full indicator
  • Dirt Detect indicator
  • Trouble shooting display
  • Battery level indicator
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Volume: 61 dB (A)
  • Polymer coated bumpers
  • fall Protection
  • Touch Pad Operation
  • HomeBase ™
  • Battery life: 2 hrs.
  • Battery Type: NiMH battery
  • Battery charging time: 3 hours.
  • Power: 30 Watt
  • Manufacturer: iRobot


  • remote control included
  • Camera-Based Navigation
  • Intensive cleaning mode
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 1:47
programming function  + 100.00
supports remote control  + 100.00
Virtual wall supports  + 100.00
supports Lighthouse  + 100.00
Camera-Based Navigation  –   00:00
Volume dust container 500cc  75.00
HEPA filter  + 100.00
Spot cleaning mode  + 100.00
weight 3.8 Kg  34.29
volume 61 dB (A)  82.35
Intensive cleaning mode  –   00:00
Touch Pad Operation  + 100.00
HomeBase ™  + 100.00
Total points 991.64 (1300)
show 25% Note 1:00
Dust bin full indicator  + 100.00
Dirt Detect indicator  + 100.00
Trouble shooting display  + 100.00
Battery level indicator  + 100.00
Total points 400.00 (400)
delivery Accessories 5% Note 2:17
remote control included  –   00:00
Included Qty
virtual walls
1 100.00
Included Qty Replacement Filters 1  25.00
Total points 125.00 (300)
battery pack 20% Note 1.62
Battery life 2 hours.  71.43
Battery recharge time 3 hours.  66.67
Total points 138.10 (200)
security 10% Note 1:00
Anti-Tangle function  + 100.00
Polymer coated bumpers  + 100.00
fall Protection  + 100.00
Total points 300.00 (300)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.80
Amazon valuation 4.2  60.00
Total points  60.00 (100)
Properties without rating
battery type

Already in 2002 were from the company iRobot , the first robot vacuum cleaner manufactured. The Roomba 782 from the same product line, a cleaning robot will be offered, with his highly developed technology meets all requirements for vacuum cleaners in normal households.

With its 3-stage cleaning system and a sophisticated, based sensors “sense of direction” scored the Roomba 782 best cleaning results, saves the owner a lot of work.

Find out in the following product description of worthwhile details for Roomba 782 from iRobot!

The Roomba 782 is with its 34 cm diameter and 8.5 cm height, although only a dwarf among vacuum cleaners, but he is a giant in terms of cleaning performance. This is partly due to its powerful cleaning system, a combination of several suitably mounted brushes and suction channels. If this miracle of technology rolls over the carpet, the following happens:

  • the side brush absorbs hair, dust or dirt on corners or edges,
  • two counter-rotating brushes remove the dirt from the bottom upwards in the robot,
  • and finally comes to what the classic vacuum cleaner makes: a powerful suction mechanism sucks the dirt in the container provided.

One can see that the Roomba 782 can be much more than a normal vacuum cleaner: with its counter-rotating brushes, it behaves as if before a vacuum cleaner on the floor and moved back. Since these movements of the robot occur but simultaneously, their effect is much more intense than the classic vacuum cleaner. The figure shows the iRobot Roomba cleaning robot 782 from the air. The Roomba 782 is one with its sophisticated assistance systems for upper class of robotic vacuum.

The iRobot Roomba 782 cleaning robot


Each vacuum cleaner, classical or robot must deliver the air sucked again into the environment. Thus, the sucked dust from re-entering in this process to the outside, you need an effective filter which prevents this. The Roomba 782 even has two such “HEPA” filter, the dust particles can intercept up to a diameter of 0.3 micrometers (1 micrometer corresponds to 1/1000 millimeter!).

HEPA is an acronym for “High Efficiency Particulate Air System” , These filters should be just like the brush regularly cleaned, it is enough if they are just sucked with the suction hand and after a few months replaced.

  • Virtual Wall mode (invisible wall)
    After having fitted the supplied lighthouse with a 1.5V battery, can it first as an invisible wall ( “Virtual Wall”) to use in a room by him as a “guard” before connecting doors committed to other rooms. Under the iRobot logo are two slide switches, the lower you can set the range and press the top between the two modes. If the doors are, for example less than 1 meter wide, so first select the range switch has a maximum range of one meter (more spaces “0 – 2 m” and “more than two meters”).Then, one must only mode switch to Virtual Wall set and start the robot: Roomba 782 starts moving and respects the invisible boundaries that sets him the Virtual Wall that locked in this way areas of the apartment are so “spared”. This feature is not only when it is locked entire rooms to be useful, but also to protect sensitive objects. Conceivable are in a sense represent “taboos” as some areas in the nursery, where Carrera highways and Lego houses here: here too, the robot stops at the Virtual Wall-like halt and cleans the rest of the room with his characteristic thoroughness and patience.
  • Lighthouse mode (Lighthouse)
    The second function of the lighthouse is the so-called. Lighthouse mode . A small sliding switch (under the iRobot logo) enables the lighthouse in this mode, which means that it now behaves like a signpost, which helps the robot navigation.Man puts for example (if one has to buy a second lighthouse) one of the lighthouses on the door to the kitchen, the other to the bedroom door. Now the Roomba 782 synchronized at the start in the living room at first with all accessible via radio Lighthouses and then gets down to the cleansing of the living room. When he is finished, he controls the next available lighthouse and goes into the room, in which this has.After cleaning the 2.Zimmers the 3.Zimmer is automatically launched. The lighthouses therefore have the task of to prevent the robotic vacuum cleaner to a premature return to the charging station, they have to give until all their “OK”.

Lighthouse as a navigation aid for the iRobot Roomba 782
Left you see a lighthouse in operation.

Alternatively, it may be configured in the “Virtual Wall mode” or Lighthouse mode “. The former denied the Roomba 782 access to a room, the latter shows the way to the next room.

Please note that a guardian must be provided with the iRobot logo facing forward into the door frame, otherwise it will not recognize the passage of the robot.

If you for example on the floor under a Computer workstation printer and power cord, power strips and other electronic devices such as charging stations and power supplies have distributed routers, we recommend also using the “Virtual Wall Lighthouses”, unless they wanted to hear again, like a in tangles verheddernder Roomba cries for “Help”. He may also namely.


To protect against falling down stairs or other abysses, has Roomba 782 total 6 infrared sensors (in the manual as “abyss sensors called”), which warned him of such obstacles. For this technique also works, it is absolutely necessary, after each cleaning run, the sensors from dust and dirt to be cleaned. The picture shows the iRobot Roomba 782 robotic vacuum cleaner with built Cliff Detect System. This important assistance system shall ensure that the robot cleaner is not falling down on stairs or other abysses. A total of six infrared sensors warn the Roomba 782 from these depths, so that it can slow down time.

Cliff Detect System Roomba 782 robotic vacuum cleaner


That a conventional vacuum cleaner dirt can not recognize, should not worry us: Finally, we have eyes in my head! But in the case of the Roomba 782 automatic dirt detection system is an absolutely necessary feature. The Roomba has the course: among his cleaning brush it has a sensor which reports him dirt, but just when he is only just below the Roomba.

Does the Dirt Detect ™ system is a highly polluted site found, then the blue Dirty Detect flashes lamp and the robot removes the dirt spots by means of several forward and backward movements.

On the remote control of the Roomba 782 is located above the spot button that lets you put the robot in the so-called. Spot mode.In the moment when this button is pressed, the Roomba 782 an area of about one square meter starts in a spiral moving outward path to clean.

For special trajectory this purification so that even those areas is correspondingly intense, eg can clean a carpet, where the dirt has sunk even deeper.

Dried coffee stains can not completely eliminate even the Roomba spot mode. Also, moist areas of the floor, even if they are only moderately dirty, dry necessarily before using the Roomba.


iRobot Roomba 782 has a anti-tangle system provided, which puts him in a position, for example to fight their way through the jungle of the carpet fringe of a living room rug. The anti-tangle system proves even be particularly useful when the robot approaches as a single cable with a computer table.

Here the Roomba has no problems about “climb” to. The fringes of a living room carpet with eg 1.3 cm in height are no problem for him: he then moves a few times back and forth and can continue working normally after that.

There is only one thing and the anti-Tangle- technology does not like, and these are places on the floor where spreads tangle, possibly enriched with chargers and power transformers. So you can bring the Roomba to despair. As already indicated above, “he cries then for help” (ie it beeps), and you should take the occasion to rethink your cable laying strategy.

Like any high-technology equipment must be 782 serviced at certain intervals and the Roomba. At 120.0 m² cleaning area you will maybe 2 times empty the dust collector, depending of course on how dirty the floor. While one must check the degree of filling of the dust bag regularly with a conventional vacuum cleaner, this monitoring eliminates the Roomba 782: it gives audible and visual sign where its container must be emptied.

Dust bags are not necessary, since the collector’s removable. Also the cleaning of the sensors 6 on the bottom and the brush is a breeze, a clear advantage for the Roomba 782 cleaning robot. A little complicated is designed to clean the side brush, because you only have to loosen from its fastening them with a Phillips screwdriver. But usually should not need this, as we approach comes by simply turning over the device to the individual wiper of the side brush.

Because the Roomba 782 is an “intelligent” robots, he knows best what to do. The only thing you can teach him by programming, therefore, the start of the cleaning. You can specify a maximum of 7 days of the week, when he starts his daily cleaning routine

if it is annoying the noise and driving around the robot, so you relocate its activity easily in a time when you are not at home. After work, the Roomba 782 automatically returns to its charging station. here “recovered” it and get new energy for the next cleaning drying run.

iRobot Roomba 782 Homebase


The Roomba 782 detects (almost) everything: walls, carpets, chair and table legs, shelves, he crawls under sofas, beds and cabinets, and it impinges on precipices such as stairs or paragraphs, so he avoids it from. Should the Roomba 782 even collide with your furniture, so you need also to have no worries: its shock absorbers are surrounded by a polymer coating, which ensures optimum protection of the furniture ..

The robot inherent motion logic may indeed for the human observer appear only once merkwüdig, but the result is convincing: it cleans more thoroughly than a conventional vacuum cleaner and automatically finds the optimal path through the apartment.

The Roomba 782 battery lasts about 2 hours before it must be recharged, the charge time is 3 hours (or less, was when consumed not all of the previous cycle).

After work or if the back needs to be recharged, docked on the charging station it automatically to get fit for the next cleaning cycle.

Batteries for the “Virtual Wall Lighthouses” should be included in the price actually, otherwise we are optimistic that iRobot in coming versions the technology of its vacuum cleaner robot developed so that they do not have navigation problems even with black floors or carpets.

Until then, it should be possible that Cliff Detect sensors off, which would be ideal for apartments without stairs and crash facility.

The iRobot Roomba 782 belongs to the luxury class , the vacuum cleaner robot. Founded by former employees of NASA and MIT company iRobot has this robot equipped with the latest technology and created a product that sets new standards in the field of floor cleaning.

Special praise is to this unit its autonomous in highly behaviors: once in motion set, the robot navigates unerringly through the apartment, detects obstacles, can heavily soiled areas and locations goes after work back to the starting point of his journey back: the charging station. In winding flats with many rooms and “taboos” help the robot the included electronic guide , the finding “Virtual Wall Lighthouses” its way, forcing the same to a certain order during the execution of its mission. Him

Whoever prefers to play tennis or walk go instead his apartment to work with the vacuum cleaner or who wants to enjoy your evening just after work in a clean apartment, which is well served with Roomba 782 cleaning robot.

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