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iRobot Roomba 770 – Comparison Test

The top models of the robot manufacturer iRobot (link is external)is one of the Roomba 770 , a robotic vacuum cleaner, the leaves nothing to be desired. iRobot has improved significantly with its 700 series the previous models, so that the Roomba 770 with a sophisticated technology represents a cleaning robot of the prior art.

Read in our next product description more about this fascinating household robots!

As the cleaning system of the Roomba 770 works? Basically, there are three stages in all Roomba Saugrobotern:

    • one located horizontally rotating side brush absorbs dust, hair or dirt on edges and corners,


    • two opposite vertically rotating (main) brushes remove the dirt from the ground and carry it up into the air intake of the robot,


  • a powerful suction mechanism sucks the dirt in the container provided.

With a vacuum cleaner, the second stage can hardly be realized because the advancement and retraction of the vacuum cleaner never occurs simultaneously. Here, the robotic vacuum cleaner is superior to the conventional device clearly.

But it come added other points that distinguish the cleaning system of the Roomba: for example, the adjustment of the rotational speed of each brush to the respective underground. And not only that: the running speed of the small trades will be adjusted to its surroundings so that it as clearly accelerated during Along driving on longer edges to immediately break back at the corners. Left is the Roomba 770 robotic vacuum when passing on an edge. the side brush rotates horizontally and sweeps debris under the suction mechanism. the cleaning robot adapts its traveling speed, dynamically and automatically brakes before the next corner. By adjusting the rotational speed of the large cleaning brush and the side brush is about in tiles, parquet or PVC a Thrown avoided by dust particles. Because this will end up (point three of the stage system) in the suction tank and remain there.But where? With the air, which have been used for drawing Here comes the so-called. HEPA filter (link is external)into play, a highly effective dust filter , the dust particles up to a diameter of 0.3 microns (1 micron equals 1 / 1000 mm) can intercept!. The Roomba 770 is equipped with two such filters and also brings one more Ersatzset of two filters with. The intake air must therefore pass through the filter, as it leaves the robotic vacuum cleaner again, and comes clean from the Roomba out again when they occurred. The HEPA – filter should of course just as clean as the brush regularly, it is enough if they abklopft are or just sucked with the suction hand and after a few months replaced.

Clean Roomba 770 robotic vacuum at edges


There are always subareas in an apartment that is allowed to enter under any circumstances of the robotic vacuum cleaner. Just think of the Lego play area in the living room or on the computer table, under which perhaps extends a herrührendes of an installation tangling

Such surfaces can be comfortable with a virtual wall ( virtual wall delimit) from the rest of the room. The Virtual Wall is a small, about 10 cm high box that emits an invisible infrared beam to the robotic vacuum registered as a barrier. The Roomba 770 is delivered with such a virtual wall, but you can purchase games. Make sure that an automatic Virtual Wall order, as only these also turn on automatically along with the Roomba 770 (there are also manually switchable Virtual Walls).

The Virtual Wall Lighthouses 500 series are not compatible with the Roomba 770 Only. the big brother of the 770, the Roomba 780, is designed to communicate with them. Nevertheless, the Roomba 770 is able to clean more rooms succession fully autonomous, provided that the loading station is not too far away. The difference from the strategy at the lighthouses is merely that the robot all open to him as a kind of space a considered space, whereas it only travels at the lighthouses in the next room when he last cleaned completely.

The Roomba 770 features an automatic dirt detection system in the form of a built-in on the underside of the sensor. When this sensor triggers an alarm, the robot falls into the intensive cleaning mode . You recognize this state of two things:

    • the blue Dirt Detect light on the top blinks


  • the robotic vacuum moves across the smudges covered by it backwards and forwards , so that optimal cleaning is assured.

The intensive cleaning mode that has been newly introduced in the 700 series, enables the Roomba 770 also to clean up polluted sites on thicker carpets.

This special cleaning mode you can on the remote control via the SPOT button switch. Now the robotic vacuum cleaner operates in the SPOT mode , and that is, it moves, starting from the starting point, in a spiral path to the outside, and so long until it has cleaned an area of about 1 square meter.

This mode should not the intensive cleaning mode to be confused, as it powers up automatically every during SPOT mode by the owner of the robot must be selectively switched .

Like the previous series of 500 and 600, the Roomba of the 700 generation of anti-tangle technology equipped, that is to prevent the robotic vacuum tangled in cables or carpet fringes. In principle also applies here: a little “robotic justice” the surface to be cleaned must be. Geeks, under their tables to a tangle of cables and power supplies spreads are therefore well advised to delineate those areas with a Virtual Wall.

Otherwise: Individual cable and carpet fringe to a height of 1.3 cm needs Roomba 770 not fear so that it is ready. Should he nevertheless again entangled therein, so he answers by voice output (you can choose from 16 languages!) With a – error code “Oh-Oh!”. The picture shows the Roomba 770 in his favorite pastime: vacuuming! Different soil conditions do not problems carpets he cleans thoroughly. The HEPA filters help to create clean air. After work, the iRobot robotic vacuum cleaner returns automatically returns to its charging station.

Roomba 770 at work


The Roomba 770 returns after work automatically returns to the charging station. Before you can then operate it again, a few things should be checked:

    • First you should have a look in the collection container (vacuum cleaner bags belong to the past!) Throw, which is filled usually faster than you think. Incidentally supports the Roomba 770 during this process, namely because it “empty container” means a full dust container by an indicator reports on its top.


    • Also, we should routinely Main brushes Check at the bottom. There, for example, very long hair could have caught that can easily be removed with the supplied cleaning tool.


  • Finally, are sensors wipe , so they do not go blind and our little household helper does not lose his life in a crash stairs!

All in all, the maintenance in a matter of minutes. A little complicated is designed only to clean the side brush, because you only have to loosen from its fastening them with a Phillips screwdriver. But usually should not need this, as we approach comes by simply turning over the device to the individual wiper of the side brush.

By means of the timer programming can be for a maximum of seven weeks days set in advance when the Roomba 770 starts its cleaning routine.

If you interfere with the noise and the driving around the robot, so you relocate its activity just in a moment when you are not at home ,

The navigation of the Roomba 770 works with the so-called. IAdapt technology , which is essentially based on the evaluation of the various sensors. Here, the best way is with more than 60 decisions per second calculated by the room.

But the resulting seemingly uncoordinated movement behavior of the robotic vacuum cleaner has its deeper meaning, because the surface covering of the robot thanks to the iAdapt technology optimally:

    • Obstacles is avoided at the front by use of the distance sensors in the collision plate,


    • Crashes stairs are avoided (Cliff Detect sensors)


    • Edges and corners are perfectly approached (in charge here again the distance sensors)


  • thus ultimately a 100% surface coverage is achieved.

First-class workmanship when Roomba 770The Roomba 770 is among the luxury of modern vacuum cleaner robot.

In addition to his thoughtful features it shines to a high standard.

With more than 60 decisions / sec. he calculates the best strategy for a complete cleaning of your apartment.

How long is the battery of the Roomba 770 depends on a cleaning is carried out as intensively. Usually he needs for a cleaning cycle 2 -3 hours to recharge the batteries hold max. 2 hours.

It may happen that the Roomba 770 during docking resolves to the charging station, insert a “16-hour charging”. This should not worry you because it serves “refresh cycle” especially in older batteries, restore their capacity and extend their life.

Moreover, one does not need to worry about recharging, since the robot vacuum cleaner after work automatically at the charger dock to get fit for the next cleaning cycle.

The vacuum cleaner robot Roomba 770, like all Roomba’s a little problem with extremely dark furniture, glass doors or shiny boards that are not always detected in time.

On the other hand, there are commercially special buffer pad , which is attached by means of adhesive strips on the collision plate. In this way one avoids scratches on the robotic vacuum cleaner and of course also on the furniture.

The iRobot Roomba 770 is a reliable, autonomous working Staubsaugroboter. Its complete coverage, obstacle detection, the appropriate response both to different degrees of pollution as well as to the condition of the subsoil recognize blank that this robotic vacuum cleaner is worth the money .

Life is so pleasant and we gain time when us the chore of vacuuming of this robot is taken. And the “care” (ie maintenance) of our domestic helper requires only a few minutes -. Then it can get started again

Here again the most important data and reviews for iRobot Roomba 770 for you at a glance. The link Order Now You can iRobot Roomba 770 easily and safely directly from the shopping leader order:

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