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Hunter 91362 melamine dog bowl test

Technical characteristics

Material stainless steel
capacity 700 ml
weight 440 gram
dimensions 22.4 x 22.4 x 7.8 cm
Bowl removable available
dishwasher available
with 2 bowls not available
special feature rubber tips at the bottom of the Bowl ensures non-slip


  • scratch and shock-resistant
  • very hygienic
  • removable Edelsthalnapf
  • dishwasher safe
  • non-slip rubber tips


  • by the steepness of the Bowl not all suitable for

the company is Hunter to a traditional family business, which already was the founding in 1980. The company specialized in the production of high-quality accessories for cats and dogs.
Currently, the entire range of the manufacturer comprises more than 5000 different articles and so there is not only lines, harnesses and collars and dog bowls. The company focuses on functional and fashionable accessory, which can have different materials.

The Hunter 91362 melamine dog bowl

is in the dog bowl and a bowl with the removable bowl made of stainless steel, which has a high-quality Melamingehäuse. The bowl is very hygienic and easy to clean, after he is also dishwasher safe. The melamine dog bowl stands out through its scratch resistance and high durability. So ensuring the sufficient slip resistance, there are also rubber feet.
Overall, the food bowl in melamine by high longevity and the great design can convince. Just that the stainless steel Bowl is removable, can be very beneficial. The range of melamine can convince in general due to the durability, scratch-resistance and durability. It is also very interesting that there are many different fresh colors and in part also fancy designs can be found. After the stainless steel bowls can be removed, it can be cleaned regularly and just inside the dishwasher.
In part, these stainless steel bowls are also available separately, so that this can also be changed in exceptional cases. At the bottom of the bowl, the rubber attachments are available for the slip-resistance is provided. Due to the different design, everyone can find a suitable dog bowl that fits into your own kitchen.
If you want something extraordinary, also can provide correct eye-catcher. There are different sizes at the bowls, so that is something there for all dog sizes. Sizes have melamine dog naepfe for 160-700 milliliters and not infrequently also XXL sizes are found.

Why the Hunter 91362 melamine dog bowl buy?

The dog bowl stands out by its ruggedness and extreme durability. Melamine offers a high quality and this in combination with stainless steel. The stainless steel Bowl can be ordered without any problems even as a replacement Bowl with it. The melamine Bowl is very modern with the built-in bowl made of stainless steel and thanks to the subtle colour, it can really be integrated into any home décor.
The special feature of the material is that the housing is very easy and it is also still shock – and scratch-resistant. The NAPF is also absolutely temperature resistant and very durable. The dog bowl is very hygienic thanks to the almost porcelain-like surface.


The removable Bowl in stainless steel can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The melamine form is washed with hand so that the color is protected. The rubber tips are an advantage, because they provide for the non-slip.
There are different sizes to buy and everyone will find an optimum size for. The bowl can take care of style to set up and so that it fits in the living room. Melamine is robust and there is the high scratch resistance and durability.

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