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Hudora Pull Fit pull-up bar

Hudora Pull Fit pull-up bar


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Test report: Hudora Pull Fit Klimmzugstange

HUDORA is a well-known manufacturer of sports equipment and sports equipment. The Hudora Pull Fit pull bar is one of these innovative products and this pull bar has been tested in a real test for its function and quality. At first, the test showed the positive optics and with the dimensions 749 mm x 57 mm x 57 mm as well as a possibility to pull out, the chime is used in many door frames, but also in other constructions.


The bar in your own rooms

Muscle training and muscle training are important components in balanced sports activities. If you want to do a pair of exercises at home, you will be optimally equipped with this simply designed sports equipment. A drawback, however, is the fact that this stretch or, to put it more precisely, the pull bar must be fitted into a door frame.

In the test this proved to be very practical and simple at first sight, but there are some difficulties. If one uses a wooden door frame, then this construction is actually optimal. Holders are attached to the leaves or walls of the door frame by means of screws, into which the bar with the extension can later be inserted. Through the variable setting you can actually use any door frame, but this is also dependent on the ground.


Difficulties with metal frame and bad substructure

In order to use this Hudora Pull Fit pull-bar, you should be sure when installing or assembling which subsoil behind the door frame. In the test this was thoroughly investigated and a metal frame is not suitable for the installation. Of course you can also drill metal here and fix these plates, but then remain ugly holes.

Also at the height of the frame, some great people have difficulty making the exercises of the pull-ups and this results in limitations from the test. This Hudora Pull Fit pull-up bar is therefore more suitable for children, or if you are not too big, even for adults. Also with regard to the assembly, unforeseen difficulties can arise quickly and the test result has somewhat diminished.


What can be done with the Hudora Pull Fit pull-bar?

The Hudora Pull Fit pull bar as a rack is suitable for a lot of exercises. This is about the strengthening of the abdominal, arm and back muscles. At first sight everything seems very practical, once you have the rod really securely attached, then this is not a problem. The bar is precisely worked, but it has to withstand weights up to 100 kg and in the test this proved marginal in the use.


What the manufacturer says about his product

The manufacturer Hudora offers a stretch, but can actually serve as a swinging rod. As a sports equipment to be taken seriously, this bar has its advantages, provided that the assembly has been carried out safely. It is a stretch of high quality and chromed steel. The manufacturer states that the Hudora Pull Fit pull bar is variable for door frames of 64 – 110 cm width and these are also the results from the test.

In addition, the manufacturer of this Hudora Pull Fit pull-bar has donated flexible rubber ends, which should ensure better hold. Here, in the test with the 4.8 cm diameter offered schooners also showed minor difficulties. As already described it comes on the door frame and during the assembly one should choose this frame exactly. The manufacturer Hudora delivers only what he promises and if you look at this bar, you get the best quality.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion from the test results in a very positive overall picture in the evaluation, which results firstly from the high-quality material and from the flexible use. However, our test has noted some small limitations as a drawback.

Basically, with such a Hudora Pull Fit pull bar should not be expected the miracle and thus a sports equipment, which would endure maximum achievements. Using this sports device depends on many factors.

However, the quality of the product and the innovative idea deserve a recommendation to purchase. The Hudora Pull Fit pull-up bar is more suitable for children, such as for a grown-up adult and that should always be considered. Apart from that, the customer gets the ideal quality for sports at home with only a few restrictions.

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