The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / How often should you vacuum?

How often should you vacuum?

Weekly schedule vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is natural for most. Read here why soil care is so important and how often should be vacuumed.

Regular vacuuming not only ensures clean foot and carpeting, it is also important for the air quality in the home.Because lying around dust particles are stirred up again, so get in the air and can cause various health problems.Only then suck when already visible dirt is to be removed, so is not enough. It is equally important to remove the not at first glance recognizable particles. Read here why that is so important for the health and especially how often you, depending on the housing situation, should really vacuuming.

Allergies and general wellbeing

People lose an average of about 1 million skin cells per hour! The fly through the air, landing on furniture, the floor, in carpets, where they can form an optimal environment for many microorganisms over time. Not a particularly nice idea and not only that, but poor soil management can also have a direct impact on our wellbeing. Most allergy sufferers are aware of this danger probably already aware, but also non-allergic people are affected. By inhaling dust particles, pollen or fungal spores unknown allergies can also develop hitherto namely. Of course, the longer you let the vacuum cleaner in the closet, the more dirt accumulates on the various surfaces and with every movement then flying million microparticles through space. Regular cleaning is therefore essential.
In addition to these health benefits, there are also some less serious reasons to choose a regular use of the vacuum cleaner. Because everyone Suction-Minimalist probably knows the onset panic when Aunt Erna unannounced is at once outside the door and the apartment is just not really presentable. With a regular and above all be preserved Saugplan saves in any case one or the other gerümpfte nose with friends and relatives. And in a clean and tidy environment eventually makes you feel even more comfortable, too.

How often should you because now suck?

Generally valid, the question can hardly be answered, it still depends too much on the Wohnsitation and circumstances. The number of people living in the household here affects just as any existing pets or the proportion of carpeting. A guideline stating for example that one person per household should suck once a week.In a single apartment weekly floor cleaning should be sufficient so while in two- or multi-person households, at least should be vacuumed twice a week. Of course you need not every time all the areas are drawn. So to be cleaned much less frequently under the sofa, as for example under the desk or beside the bed. Particularly challenging positions like around a dog basket should most often be eventually sucked even daily. For an offering Handstaubsauger to, the much lighter and more agile than the big vacuum cleaner is. If smoke in the house, should, incidentally, tend to be drawn more frequently because additional deposits occur through the smoke on the premises. In order to permit regular Saugplan and its compliance are robotic vacuum cleaners of course perfect, because these ensure at least a basic cleaning of large areas. Corners and hard to reach areas must also be vacuumed at least once a week by hand then but still.

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