The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Household robots Test “What is the Wireless Command Center?

Household robots Test “What is the Wireless Command Center?

A Wireless Command Center is a miniature version of your robotic vacuum cleaner: ie a small round thing, which looks exactly like the actual robot and the same key has on its surface, but much more manageable and less. The Wireless Command Center is used for radio-controlled movement of your robot. In contrast to the remote control: the always-controlled infrared.

Since the communication is radio controlled with the robotic vacuum cleaner, the Wireless Command Center must of course be “calibrated” on the respective robots: only this robot with which it was synchronized, responded. Otherwise, the operation of the Wireless Command Center easy: the control panel has the same keys as the original robot.

Via radio. The synchronization must be performed only once, after that “understand” the two devices. If you want to control in this way several robotic vacuum cleaner, the Wireless Command Center must always be synchronized with the respective robotic vacuum.

The advantage of this radio-controlled synchronization is the precise addressing: Only the selected robotic vacuum knows anything with the signals of the Wireless Command Center to begin.

Yes and no. The infrared-guided remote control is always ineffective if they send a robot on a trip through several rooms. In this case, radio contact is already a very convenient control option, unless one uses a chain of lighthouses, safe again lead the robot “home”.

In the end it is a matter of taste, which aids are used, but a disabled person will be happy to know that there is the Wireless Command Center, with whose help he can comfortably control the wheelchair from his robot.

From our Saugrobotern from the comparison chart provides as the Roomba 782 to a Wireless Command Center:


iRobot Roomba 782

Overall grade Excellent (1.40)

iRobot Roomba 782

test winner

EUR 569.00   -13%

Plus points

  • Telematics
  • Double HEPA filter
  • 1 Virtual Wall Lighthouse
  • Intelligent contamination detection
  • Various cleaning modes
  • fall Protection


  • No batteries for Lighthouse

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