The best snow blowers 2016 / Holzinger HSF 110 track drive snow blower Test

Holzinger HSF 110 track drive snow blower Test

Holzinger HSF 110 track drive snowblower Test

Holzinger Petrol snowblower caterpillarThe Holzinger gasoline snowblower HSF-110 (LE) is equipped with electric start, a track drive and light, it takes snow on the width of 700 mm and a height of 545 mm and can throw it up to 15 m wide. The strong gasoline four-stroke engine with 11 horsepower and an efficient milling system and the 15 Watt Worklight efficiently support the high performance of this snowblower. Other alternatives in snowblowers test .

Snowblower properties

    1. Snow removal
    2. handling
    3. Pros and Cons Product Reviews
    4. Technical details
    5. Conclusion


Snow removal: Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE)

This reliable snow blower is part of the next generation of milling by their powerful performance (11 hp) at low consumption, which is also used by the 2-stage milling about. In operation, the cutter first shovels in the 1st stage of ice and snow using the robust auger inside where this milled material is crushed. Then the cutter in the 2nd stage the crushed snow on the blower in a high arc through the discharge chute throws again. This optimizes considerably the snow throughput. The power is enormous and enough for really big and icy snow levels, as it is in some places to be found in harsh winters.

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Handling of Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE)

When Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE), a separate connection of the Fräswerks and the drive is possible. They can be placed by e-Start with 12 volts or alternatively with the Easy Starter cable in transition. A reliable low oil sensor constantly checks the oil level and switches to low state the engine. With six forward and two reverse gears, the large wheels with their rugged cleat profile and the rotatable by 190 ° discharge chute the Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE) coped really any winter situation and can thereby easily and naturally also operate with thick gloves ,

Pros and Cons Product Reviews: Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE)

Customers are very enthusiastic of the snowblower , reviews were found as good as not. We really had the gripe herbeirecherchieren to really perform the sake of completeness, a counterpoint can.

    • Pro: highly efficient and winterized, relatively quiet, easy assembly
    • Cons: building instructions could somewhat higher


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Technical Details Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE)

    • Power: 8.1 kW (11 hp)
    • Engine type: air-cooled OHV 4-stroke gasoline engine with a cylinder and 337 cc
    • Consumption: 0.8 l / h
    • Fuel tank capacity: 6.5 l
    • Oil volume: about 1.1 l SAE10W-30
    • Worklight: 15 W
    • Recording width: 700 mm
    • Seat height: 545 mm
    • Throwing distance: up to 15 m
    • Sound pressure level: 83 dB (A)
    • Dimensions and weight: 156 x 75 x 111 cm, 125 kg


Conclusion: Holzinger Petrol snowblower HSF-110 (LE)

The snow thrower with their high power and size handles even professional tasks as they come in winter operation on municipalities, caretaker of public institutions, commercial enterprises and large private houses. Who lives with the home in some higher elevations, is also very satisfied with the snowblower and thus has really no open desires more, because it is likely to be up to all situations that can be expected in our central European latitudes.

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