HEPA (link is external)is an abbreviation for H igh E fficiency P articulate A irfilter. As the name suggests, is to extract highly effective filter, pollen, toxic dusts, mites and other allergens from the air of the vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filters are except in devices for the household spread everywhere where it comes to ultra-pure air, for example in nuclear technology, in hospitals and laboratories.

No. While iRobot recommends replacement after 2 months use, but this is just an average guide. It is better (and cheaper) to take a quick look at the filter after each use of Staubsaugroboters. If visibly soiled, and with the normal vacuum cleaner is not able to be cleaned, you should order a replacement set.

When this is the case, of course, is highly dependent on the frequency of use of your robotic vacuum cleaner.

The exact particle filter class of iRobot HEPA filter in the 700 product line is not specified by the manufacturer. For but one learns the minimum diameter intercepted dust particles 0.3 microns (1 micron = 1 micrometer = 1/1000 mm). This corresponds to the class of the particle filter (particle size <1 micron).

So Equipped with HEPA filter Robosauger leaves an aseptic room and is therefore particularly recommended for allergy sufferers!

Below is a list of Saugrobotern with integrated HEPA filter system :

iRobot Roomba 782

Overall grade
Excellent (1.40)

test winner

EUR 569.00   -13%

EUR 497.00

iRobot Roomba 871

Overall grade
VERY GOOD (1:44)

Best buy

EUR 699.00   -9%

EUR 634.95

iRobot Roomba 772

Overall score
of GOOD (1:52)

EUR 529.00   -23%

EUR 409.00

LG HomBot VR6270LVMB

Overall score
of GOOD (1.89)

EUR 869.00   -46%

EUR 473.19