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Hecht 9201 E snowblower

Hecht 9201 E snowblower


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Review: Hecht 9201 E snowblower


What you should know about the Hecht 9201 E snowblower

With the 9201 E snowblower manufacturer Hecht can walkways, comfortably clearing sidewalks, yards and driveways free from snow and slush. The Hecht snowblower is suitable both for private and commercial use in winter for variable snow reports, slush and powder snow. Especially during the cold season in outdoor use is recommended high-performance devices to provide the necessaryclearance operations to not only quickly and efficiently, but also efficient and effortless make a button. The Hecht snowblower is a powerful device that is smooth and easy to use and at the same time has a very good price / performance ratio.


Features and Technical Details

The Hecht snowblower (built in the year 2014) features a powerful motor with 2000 watts. Time-saving can be clear according to the manufacturer per hour up to 250 m³ of snow. The device is also suitable for efficient snow exemption from larger areas like forecourts, long sidewalks, schoolyards etc. The snowplow is also recommended for a commercial use for example, caretakers and property managers.

The unit receives a power of 2000 watts at a regular nominal voltage of 230 volts AC 50 Hz. The manufacturer measured sound power level (LWA) is 99 dB (A) at a speed idle of 3000 min -1 max. The weight of the designed in black red Hecht mills amounts to approximately 17 kg.
The Hecht snowblower is ideal tostore relatively space-saving manner at times of disuse. In the garage, the basement or the scales, the device takes no more space than a commercial lawn mower. In addition, the device can also weighing about 17 kg is still good wear or carry in a suitablevehicle.

The disadvantage is to be noted that not necessarily clearly understandable lay-up instructions. The construction and commissioning will do so more rapidly, but is better with sound engineering understanding achieved as with the accompanying product manual.


Working width and snow reports

The router operates on a total reiteration of 55 cm, which corresponds to the dimensions of the outer housing. The width of the inner housing and the corresponding actual clearing width is 51 cm. The Schee cutter 9201 E is suitable for use at different levels of snow, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, however, a maximum of up to snow depths of up to 33 cm. The result of the snow removal work is always impeccable. The processed and cleared areas and sidewalks are sparkling freed from snow and slush.



Additional technical features of the Pike snowblower include a 2-point safety switch with practical cable strain relief.

Furthermore, the clearing device has a powerful LED work lights, which ensures even in the dark for optimum illumination of the work area. A work light is ideally a must for winter use application devices, and makes the pike mills in the dark winter months at any one time used. Even an efficient snow removal in the dark with onset snowfall is basically no problem.



The specified by the manufacturer throwing distance of the snowblower is a maximum of 9 meters, but which varies depending on the angle of the chute. In practical test realistic a snow ejection width of 4 and 6 meters, which is quite sufficient in most cases appear. The chute can be adjusted smoothly and movable by hand crank. Depending on the event and labor input can this be infinitely turned by all the 190 °. Precise adapted to the respective requirements and space conditions, the snow chute can precisely go there to control where you want it. The variable swiveling in the area adapted and desired angle allows a very individual work.



The Hecht snowblower has a handy grip, which at all times enables a smooth operation and moving the machine.The router can be smoothly in the desired direction maneuver, in which case of course the snow depth is decisive.Maneuvering with cable is a little getting used to, similar to the lawnmower. Even with more than 20 cm of fresh snow is still an energy-saving work and spaces with the tiller pike possible.

The optimized working height and ease not only allow a back-saving, but also an energy-saving work, even in larger areas. The back-friendly work posture allows optimal working conditions even in case of continuous use in harsh winters with frequent snowfall.


conclusion guyThe Hecht 9201 E snowblower Hecht makes technical and part of processing a solid and robust. The construction of the device is simple, fast and uncomplicated. The powerful motor with its 200 watt creates his low compared to other equipment noise. Liberally allows large areas with only minor physical use of snow clearing free.

Ideal is the universal use possible at various snow reports, so that also higher snowy sidewalks, driveways and areas can be cleared with the pike snowblower.
Due to the high performance, excellent technical characteristics and features and the robust processing, the cutter is not only suitable for private use but also excellent for commercial use.

All in all stands the Hecht 9201 e snowblower with a very goodprice / performance ratio. In direct comparison to other devices rather low, the Hecht cutter but keeps the needs and expectations was quite.

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