The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Grundig VCC 4950 in Test

Grundig VCC 4950 in Test

Grundig VCC 4950 vacuum cleaner

Grundig VCC 4950 in review: Read our recent review of the Grundig VCC 4950 and compare him with other vacuum cleaners.

Grundig VCC 4950 – report

The VCC 4950 by Grundig only costs around 60 euros and still shows the test a really good performance. It is quite noisy, not particularly energy efficient and also the processing can not quite keep up with more expensive devices, but the suction is true. The equipment level and the price-performance ratio is anyway unmatched.

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The Fürth-based company Grundig long stood like no other for German craftsmanship and became one of the symbols of the economic miracle after the Second World War. But the great days in which regularly billion revenues were long gone. From the 80s shaken by violent crises, employees had dismissed and the company’s shares be sold to foreign investors again.2003 then finally had to insolvency are logged and the group of companies was finally crushed and individual sectors, as well as trademark rights were sold. Except for the good name so very little is left of the former traditional manufacturer. More interesting will be to see how the Grundig will send equipment compared to their competitors in the test. The tested here VCC 4950 is around 60 euros one of the best models in the test field.


The engine of the Grundig VCC 4950 draws under full load at least 2,000 watts from the power outlet to make it not just This is therefore an electricity saver. The wattage is almost as oversized if one considers the remaining data in mind. The vacuum cleaner weighs just just under 4 kg and the dust collection volume is designed with 2.5 liters recognizable for smaller apartments. The dust lands at VCC 4950 classic way in a vacuum cleaner bag, one of which is pre-installed and included as a substitute. The air flows through a microfilter , the stay fine dirt particles and to make the air so clean. Also included 2 copies included as a substitute in the purchase price. In addition, the Grundig comes with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a furniture brush. The Standardbodendüse is a fairly simple model, but has a simple switching between carpet and hard floor operation.

The suction force of the VCC 4950 may be equal to twice regulate. First on the adjustable fan speed knob on the vacuum cleaner itself and secondly via the secondary air controller on the handle. This is particularly useful when one sucks about carpeting because one can easily prevent lifting of the carpet. The action radius of 8 meters is probably adequate for most homes and a dust bag change indicator indicates when the bag is full. With a view to the need for equipment has to be said that the VCC 4950 leaves little to be desired, especially for the price. And also in the test he should hit more than neat.

Test Result – loud and strong

In operation, once the low weight of the VCC 4950 makes a positive impression. He followed every step and stairs are not a major problem, because you can lift it easily and safely park on narrow stages. The 3 rolls on the underbody can be rotated 360 ° , but somewhat small. Individual cable provided in the test always an obstacle and you had the VCC 4950 with an energetic jerk help over it. Because of this and also because of the very small dust bag is clear that feels comfortable Grundig especially in clear space. In large apartments or even houses it seems to us but undersized.

At the processing, there is hardly anything ausszusetzen. The plastics used act consistently robust and also the accessories are useful and well made . The retractable cord is done by pressing a button and then also quite tight. The tube is approximately 4 cm outer diameter not too thin, and both ends are well protected from possible kinking. The connections between hose, telescopic tube and floor nozzle are unfortunately stuck, a click mechanism is missing here. In the test has indeed kept all without exception, after months or years, but this behavior can easily change.

The suction force of the VCC 4950 is, just for its size, impressive. He eliminated Test all debris on hard and carpeted floors easily. It can definitely go louder, because it is under full load roars of suckers as impressive as he sucks. The environment and the own ears sake you should make use of the suction power so quiet use. Especially since the Grundig VCC 4950 also grown with reduced power most everyday challenges is.

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Test Conclusion – value test winner

It is true, other vacuums are quieter, use less power and have a stable, yet the Grundig VCC 4950 our price-performance winner! The Grundig is a really good vacuum cleaner and ideal especially for small apartments.

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