The best snow blowers 2016 / Grizzly electric snowblower ESF 2046 L

Grizzly electric snowblower ESF 2046 L

Grizzly electric snowblower ESF 2046 L


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Review: Grizzly electric snowblower ESF 2046 L


What you should know about the Grizzly electric snowblower ESF 2046 L

Winter is approaching and with it the odd snowfall. For many homeowners is the premises of apartment entrances and driveways is a true scandal. Connected to physical force robs the work valuable time. therefore Many sufferers take the opportunity and to sit down to a private snow cutter, which helps driveways to be cleared quickly and cleanly. Looking for a good model, the electric snowblower ESF 2046 L has been tested from the house Grizzly.


Delivery and assembly

The cutter arrived a few days after your order well packed in a sturdy and robust cardboard one. The unit is supplied with a comprehensive guide that includes detailed assembly instructions. Technically Skilled be the device can even assemble, but lay people should take the help of an experienced craftsman to. In principle, however, the structure presents no problems and is constructed within about 15 minutes. However, the device should be re-examined after the first use. In testing some screws shown after a few hours use on easy game. For further use is not a problem, but this can eventually lead to problems. However, the tightening of the screws becomes very easy, since all affected area are well located and are obstructed by any other components.


Technical details and performance

With 2000 watts of motor provides sufficient power to carry larger amounts of snow easily aside. The router makes the application less sonically quite noticeable, but the noise level is still at an acceptable level. The device has a working width of 46 centimeters and a working height 27 centimeters. So the snow thrower is on every application prepared and can deliver broad sidewalks of snow within minutes. In addition, the device has an ejection angle adjustment of 60 °. The ejection is still up to 190 ° rotation additional offers in the use of increased flexibility. At the highest setting, the snowblower has a throwing distance of no more than 9 meters.

Well-liked in the test and that the handle linkage was folded extremely space-saving without much effort and easy.So the snowblower without problems in the shed or a storage room can be stored without taking an unnecessary amount of space. Seam the next snowfall, the unit is set up just as quickly and ready for use.


Handling and spotlights of snowblower

The seller promises that the device has a clearing capacity of about 250 m³ / h. In testing the snowblower while obtaining only 230 m³ / h, yet has enough power and stamina to. The weight of around 16 kilograms, be well and run the snowblower safely and thoroughly on the area to be cleared thanks to the mounted rollers. The weight is low enough to allow young people a smooth handling of the device.

Another plus point is instead the LED lighting. You only need a small amount of energy, however, is the morning and evening is a great assistance. To be processed paths are not always lit well cost or sufficient. Thanks to the LED-lighting the snow blower but can be performed safely and specifically in low light conditions.


Versatile with highest performance

In the test the cutter knew to convince quickly. The device was tested on various substrates with different snow conditions. Lax snow removed it effortlessly and even with packed snow, the device had no problems. Here, the ejection angle can be adjusted far enough to respond individually to the respective width of the road can. The snow thrower is easily and safely perform and provides a satisfactory result. In general, it is already sufficient to drive on the track to be cleared only once. In rare cases, such as in very heavy snow, the equipment has to be used a second time in order to achieve a perfect result.


conclusion guyThe electric snowblower out of the house Grizzly convinces in many ways. The construction of the unit is well explained, thanks to extensive instructions and completed within about 15 minutes. Thanks to the foldable handles the device can be compact assemble and accommodate so very little space. When required, it is however just unfolded quickly.

Operation is very easy and effortless. With 16 kilos the unit is easy enough to push it without much effort and can maneuver. Even young people can already use the snowblower. Thanks to different adjustable discharge angle the device can be precisely adjusted to the respective needs and be used so easily even with very narrow or very wide roads.

Integrated LED lights allow to work easily even in low light conditions. So it is possible, for example, even already the way to evacuate at dawn without these illuminate unnecessarily. The LED Chandelier require little energy, but have a good luminosity.
In the test, the snowblower has truly convinced. It provides a good result and works for performance and reliability. Another positive was the good price-performance ratio. For a reasonable and competitive price, the buyer receives the snowblower Grizzly a good and reliable working unit.

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