The best reviews 2017 / Graco Trekko Completo Baby Jogger

Graco Trekko Completo Baby Jogger

Graco Trekko Completo Baby Jogger


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Test report: Graco Trekko Completo Baby Jogger

The Graco 1808695 is a practical and sporty baby carriages. The delivery includes a bag, a rain cover and a bike pocket. The model is available in black.


Product test of the Graco Buggy

The Graco Jogger Buggy is the ideal stroller for the child and for the parents. Because the jogger has a lot to offer, which can be seen. The child is protected in this buggy thanks to additional equipment optimal in all weather. In the product test the stroller also cut so well because it can be moved astonishingly easily.


The functions and equipment of the baby carriage Graco

The buggy jogger is equipped for this price category, the medium class high quality. The plastic wheels offer a good handling characteristic, which can almost be compared with an air ripening. Because the Graco runs on uneven ways almost undaunted. The buggy can also be easily carried in any trunk of a car, since the wheels are easy to remove without tools.


The Graco offers useful accessories

In the test, the wheels contaminated with the road pollution could be easily stowed in the included tire bag. Thus, the baby carriage was stowed in the car so that the sucking out of the luggage compartment was omitted. The Graco stroller features a practical large sun canopy. In wind and weather, this deck provides sufficient protection and, with increased sun exposure, it is also the optimal solution. Even on cold days, the Graco Buggy does not have to stay in the basement, because thanks to the Beckecke the child is warmly warm during the walk. If there is an unforeseen sudden rainstorm, a raincoat can be deployed immediately to stop the raindrops. When shopping, the stable shopping basket has become a practical accessory. It is suitable for accommodating larger bags, which is important in everyday care.


The Graco: certainly well processed

The sleek and lightweight frame is sturdy, so it provides stability by its strength, but is easy to lift. This is achieved by using sturdy but light aluminum tubes for the frame. The aluminum is well finished and matt lacquered, cracks or other traces of use can not be so easily created. The covers were sewn cleanly and with a double stitch seam, also the accessories will give a long life.


This stroller is made for generations

In the test, the Graco appeared to be not only suitable for a child, because it is built in a stable manner. It is likely that later-born sibling children can also spend much time in this stroller. Even later generations could certainly enjoy the Graco. Particularly favorable is that a newborn can be conveniently placed in the car. Namely, there is the possibility of tilting the seat into a lying position of a sitting position.


The Graco in the test: more protection for the occupants

On bumpy paths, a front safety bar provides sufficient protection from falling out. The strap has been additionally reworked with a particularly slip resistant material, for more safety. If the child’s safety is no longer appropriate due to its size, however, it can also be easily removed. The stroller has a 5-point harness on board so that the child can be strapped as required. The good brakes also ensure safety from sudden obstacles on the ride. In the test, it has also been shown that the parking brake functions reliably and flawlessly.


Comfort for the child: the Graco

The test showed that the Graco has comfortable interior features that are especially favorable for the baby. The car is equipped with a wide sitting and lying area, so that even children feel slightly bigger. Due to the comfortable padding the child is soft and is shielded by the metal parts. The sleep of the children is not disturbed also during a long journey. The frame is well sprung, with the Graco Buggy gently rocking the child’s sleep. The weight of the buggy was slightly higher compared to other models. On the other hand, the Graco showed itself again particularly compact and also very agile.


Technical data of the Graco

– Weight: 14 kg
– Dimensions: 107 x 75 x 124 cm
– Dimensions: 106 x 45 x 57 cm (folded)
– Suitable for newborns and children up to 15 kg
– plastic wheels: 3


Conclusion guy
If you are looking for a comfortable maneuverable baby carriage that has a good finish and is superbly processed, the Graco is the first choice. It is fun to walk with this stroller, even the bad weather is no hindrance. A practical model, which is easy to fold together and can be transported comfortably.

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