The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Glossy Ibis PCR-2350 LX in Test

Glossy Ibis PCR-2350 LX in Test

Glossy Ibis PCR-2350 LX Staubsaugerroboter

Glossy Ibis PCR-2350 LX in the test: Read our recent review of the glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX robotic vacuum and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Glossy Ibis PCR-2350 LX – Review

The glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX affords some weaknesses in the test, may still be a viable alternative in view of the fight price of only around 170 euros but. Read here if the glossy ibis could be an option for you.

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Glossy Ibis

The brand name Glossy Ibis is part of the Pearl GmbH , which sells mainly cheap products from the fields of electronics, computers, tools and household.Pearl is active as a mere intermediary, most private label products are manufactured in Asia, imported and sold here. Under the brand Sichler household appliances of all kinds are sold, for example, air conditioners, heaters or indeed robotic vacuum. The most successful model is the PCR-2350 LX, with a recommended retail price of 299.90 euros. The current price for online retailers is considerably lower, however, and one gets the glossy ibis available for less than 200 euros. Compared to most other vacuum cleaner robots of PCR-2350 LX is therefore a real bargain . Our test will show whether he can still shine with power or was here whether perhaps make false.


The equipment offered is actually once impressive considering the low price. In addition to a remote control for direct control of the robotic vacuum cleaner is also a charger included . Here is the PCR-2350 LX automatically dock after the work is done or when demand for electricity and recharge the battery. Via a simple power supply of suckers can also be loaded directly into the outlet. In addition, the price a replacement filter, a replacement brush and a small cleaning brush are included. Other accessories, such as an infrared barrier to isolate individual areas is available at extra cost.

On the right front side of the PCR-2350 LX a small side brush is mounted, which is to move dirt from corners and edges towards the center of the vacuum cleaner. Here rotate the main brush, removes dirt particles and moves them toward suction port. In addition to the manual mode using the remote control of the glossy ibis is equipped with 3 automatic modes – Spot, Clean and Max . In spot mode it is limited for 4 minutes on a small area of approximately one meter in diameter. The Clean mode is designed for small spaces and corresponds to an operating time of 30 minutes while the device is in Max mode is simple as long as the road until it runs out of juice.Then he returns to the charging station. The timer function in the Base Station allows to program a fixed start time.Is it then so far, the glossy ibis automatically sets off and cleans the apartment until the battery is empty.

Test results – to use only without carpet

Devices produced as cheaply in the Far East and are sold under a different brand name with us have, in terms of processing not just the best reputation and confirmed by the glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX once more. The plastic used does not particularly high or even aesthetic impression and especially the cradle just seems clearly to light and vulnerable. The infrared remote control is very simple , only works at close range and in direct visual contact with the robot. Also near the infrared sensors of the PCR-2350 LX does not respond to the remote control, because obviously overlap the signals here and mutually interfere.

The dust container is very easy removed and emptied quickly into the trash or under the tap. He’s really turned out very small, but also very often be necessary. In addition, the vacuum box at the bottom of the robotic vacuum cleaner must be cleaned regularly and at best be wiped damp. The two brushes are hand pleasing maintain .The charging station should make life really, makes the test but also repeatedly for trouble. The cable is not very long and that is particularly annoying as the glossy ibis is very demanding in terms of the positioning of the station.Only when the wall is maintained as far as possible freely to both sides of the station, the sucker will nevertheless in 70-80% of cases home. If the charging station is not optimally positioned, the return of the robot hand is a pure matter of luck.

The cleaning performance is neat on hard floors and sooner or later he collects actually everything, even larger parts such as leaves, on. Compared to high-quality, admittedly much more expensive units, it must be in the discipline but still beaten quite clearly. On rugs you should save the use of best all because that really does not buy anything. Even in corners weakens the glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX. There is always unpolished areas, as well as in the immediate vicinity of the charging station. Because he seems intentionally to avoid. On low Auslegeware it unfortunately remains hanging over again and also in cables he tangled like, but that happens even the competition often. Contrast gratifying is the fairly low volume , because even if you are staying in the same room, is the PCR-2350 LX not really disturbing.

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Test result – effective mediocrity

The glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX is much cheaper than most other robotic vacuum and discloses therefore hardly surprising number of weaknesses in the test. So it can be points in the processing quality, handling and especially the cleaning performance. Therefore, the features of very extensive and in a not too large and labyrinthine apartment of glossy ibis is a real help.

Compare the glossy ibis PCR-2350 LX with other Saugrobotern in our Staubsaugerroboter comparison test .

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