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GLADIATOR Pull-up bar

GLADIATOR Pull-up bar


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Test report: GLADIATOR Klimmzugstange

The areas of fitness and sport nowadays are becoming increasingly important. Like mushrooms, the fitness studios are off the ground and in the meantime, the retail trade has also jumped on the fitness train. Regardless of whether equipment for the training or the clothing, there are today many different manufacturers on the market. Gladiator is the name of one of these manufacturers.

There are cheap and good pull bars available at this manufacturer and there are other products that enrich the strength training. All Gladiator products carry the label Gladiator and they belong to the Barbarian Line. The IFS GmbH in Wassenberg is behind this. Various manufacturers are part of the company that offers fitness accessories and equipment. The athletes find everything they need for the Barbarian Line.

So there are rope pulls, power stations, racks, functional trainers and training benches. The most popular products here are the various pull-up bars.


The equipment will be from the manufacturer?

According to experience reports, it is shown that the pull bars are very suitable for the intensive workout at home and also for the use in the fitness studio. There are, for example, pull-down bars, which can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling. In addition, it is also possible to vary between different grip types and widths.

The athletes have the possibility, with the pull-up bars, that different muscle groups can be addressed. At the manufacturer belongs much to the product range and so also multibänke, dip bar, bellytrainer and much more. The athletes can buy so many different products at relatively low prices. The training day can therefore be very varied.

The company is IFS GmbH and the headquarters is in Wassenberg in Germany. The pull bars are suitable for professionals as well as beginners and can be used wonderfully for indoor use. The only drawback is that the equipment in the purchase is a little expensive. All in all, the athletes get their money’s worth.


The special pull bar

The athletes can buy everything they are looking for at Gladiator. Finally, there are many devices that can be used to train the different muscle groups of the body. The athletes have already had very good experiences with the different devices. The pull bars can meet the highest requirements and they are very solid. The products also offer various certificates, which underpins the quality. The Barbarian pull-up bar is a pull-up bar for crosstraining, for performance athletes, for fitness clubs and for recreational sports.

This pull-up bar is load-bearing up to 350 kg and also knurled very handy. The pull bar offers excellent workmanship and plenty of grip. One thing is the pull bar, however, not because it is not favorable. The buyers at Amazon give an average of 4.5 stars. Gladiator as a model stands for the enormous handling and there is the perfect processing. However, this is also justified for a relatively high price and therefore this price is justified, there is the thick-walled steel construction. This steel construction is knurled very finely and it can even be loaded up to 350 kg.

The handlebar is double, and there are a variety of asymmetrical, symmetrical, oblique, straight and parallel handles. At 1300 millimeters the total width is from the training device and at 580 millimeters the wall distance is up to the outer edge. The delivery from the rod is by the way dismantled and there is a set-up instructions with it. In addition, there is also an exercise book, where there are the seven best exercises for the pull bar. This pull-up bar can be used not only at home, but also at the fitness studios.

A lot is already said about the processing quality, which can be described as outstanding. Right after the delivery, the Barbarian Line is only screwed together and this is done very quickly. Also the actual mounting works very simply. Otherwise, the Gladiator model offers many grips and also many training possibilities. It is important in the first training that no one is overstretched and the training pensum then constantly increases. Even if the pull bar is not cheap, it must be said that quality has its price.


Conclusion guyIn the Barbarian Line, the Gladiator model is even suitable for professionals who train regularly and do not compromise with the training device and with oneself. The customer reviews on Amazon are averaged over 4 out of 5 stars. Overall the pull bar is absolutely recommendable by the manufacturer and this for the Crosstraining, for the performance athletes, for the fitness clubs and also for the Freizeitsportler. This pull bar can meet the highest requirements and it is an absolute high-end product.


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