The best snow blowers 2016 / FUXTEC gasoline SF210 snow blower test

FUXTEC gasoline SF210 snow blower test

The FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 provides 7.5 hp with its gasoline engine and is equipped with a 230 V electric starter. You could convince us in the test by the excellent, based on the improved molding clearing capacity, also satisfies their engine technology for really tough winter conditions.Important features are the separate activation of drive or milling and 2-stage Räumkonzept. The massive steel chute is pivotable about 270 °, the setting can make from the cockpit the operator.

Snowblower properties

  1. Snow removal
  2. handling
  3. Pros and Cons Product Reviews
  4. Technical details
  5. Conclusion

FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210: Snow clearance

In practical use, the FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 proves suitable for the most diverse soils, even their skids are adjustable. Also the E-Start welcomed our test team, because this snowblower is set with a 230 volt electric starter in transition, so that operators no longer need to fear that suddenly the battery gives up her mind on cold winter days. Something is very fatal even for motorists who want the morning to the office at -25 ° C, but if the car does not start, they go back into the house and work on that day comfortably from the home office. But what should the user do then a snowblower? If the whole house is snowed in, no one can enter and no one comes out to get bread? No doubt: The electric starter version brings quite incredible advantages with it. Furthermore admired our colleagues in the FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 in testing their enormous clearing capacity that is unparalleled. The lateral and vertical adjustment which they could make to the discharge chute, they made a lot of fun, they also proved to be the spaces as tremendously useful. In this way, they managed one-three-fix away all the snow and left him by the FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 carry away or eject toward the neighboring plot.


Handling of FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210

The separate activation – milling and drive to be switched separately – is extremely important for practical use in deep snow. This abolished the FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 on different floors, each type and amount of snow, and came easily to all corners by their height-adjustable, interchangeable skids. Their massive version of FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210 makes practically no weather something while the operator is wearing thick mittens can still use all the levers and buttons, which are designed.

Pros and cons of customer opinions to UXTEC Petrol snowblower SF210

  • Pro: high-performance, safe start, excellent service
  • Cons: some tiny workmanship

FUXTEC Petrol snowblower SF210: Technical Details

  • Engine power: 7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
  • Displacement: 208 cc
  • Working Width: 600 mm / working height: 510 mm
  • Räumprinzip: 2-stage
  • 4 forward, 2 reverse gears


Conclusion for FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210

The new snowblower SF210 of FUXTEC meets the highest standards, regardless of the weather it is running on to top performances. It is started safely on 230 volts, it is therefore always ready for use and creates worst snow away, we do not wish our worst enemy. This performance is on Amazon against a really moderate price FUXTEC gasoline snowblower SF210.

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