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Test report: Pezziball Gymnastikball

Product Information

The Gymnastikball is an original Pezzi® Gymnastikball Standart, the company Ledragomma from Italy. The ball is made of high quality and durable elastic plastic. It is available in four different sizes, from 42 cm to 75 cm, and four different colors, so you can buy the ball according to your own body size. An air pump is supplied. The seatball complies with the European standard 93/42 EEC “Medical products”. The ball can be loaded with up to 400 kg.



– Product made in Italy
– very durable
– versatile
– very favorable fitness machine


application areas

The Pezzi balls can be used both as seatballs and as gymnastics balls. If you are looking for a versatile fitness machine, the Pezzi ball is just the right product. This allows you to make the most varied exercise exercises, use the ball for stretching exercises, for relaxation exercises, postural exercises or as a temporary replacement for the office chair. The ball is also often used in rehabilitation.


Use as a seatball

Especially those who suffer from back problems should consider the purchase of a Pezzi ball. During sitting, you change the position permanently and must mobilize the muscles for holding. You sit almost automatically upright and can not fall into an unhealthy preservation. For this reason the ball is often recommended by physicians or physiotherapists. In general, the ball should not be used for more than 30-90 minutes per day, while the work often change the position and, if possible, even while standing.


Choose the right size

In order for the ball to be used correctly, the right size is crucial. When seated, the upper and lower legs should be approximately 90-100 degrees to each other. If the balls are too small or too big, there is a risk of misuse or injury.


Correct inflating

The gym ball should have reached room temperature before inflating. New balls are still somewhat stiff at first and should be pumped in after a few days. The ball should be inflated until it reaches about 90% of the printed diameter. After 24 hours the Pezzi ball can be pumped to its maximum diameter and used. The maximum diameter printed on the ball should not be exceeded. When finished, the ball diameter should correspond approximately to the printed diameter.



The Pezzi ball is very safe to use. A burst is almost impossible but possible. It is more likely that the ball loses the air slowly. It can be damaged by sharp or pointed objects or chemicals. The ball should not be used when stored in a very hot or very cold room.


Conclusion guy
If you want to keep fit at home, you have to buy a lot of different fitness equipment to cover different areas. This could get expensive. If you opt for the Pezzi ball, you have a fitness machine that can be used for many purposes. In addition, the health-promoting properties of the ball are a big plus. On the Internet you can find a wide range of exercises and can start immediately.

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