The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Ecovacs Deebot D76 in test

Ecovacs Deebot D76 in test

Ecovacs Deebot D76 Staubsaugerroboter

Ecovacs Deebot D76 in the test: Read our recent review of the Deebot D76 and compare it with other vacuum cleaner robots.

Ecovacs Deebot D76 – Review

By Deebot D76 Ecovacs is a real miracle facilities managed an automatic emptying of the collecting container and a separate hand vacuum cleaner included. The suction confident in the pathfinding of around 400 euros expensive robotic vacuum is then, however, some weaknesses.

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The Chinese producer Ecovacs was launched already over 15 years ago and since then focuses on automatic cleaning systems. In addition to window cleaning robots and equipment for air purification, has now also 8 different robotic vacuum on offer.The Deebot D76 is one of the top models and with a price of around 400 euros, at least in the area with other vacuum cleaner robots at eye level. With its extensive equipment package and the self-cleaning dust collector, it offers compared to the competition but extras that are otherwise only for much more money. The more exciting will be to see how the Deebot can beat the test and whether the apparent bargains perhaps showing unexpected weakness.


The Deebot D76 measures just 35 cm in diameter, more than 9 cm in height and weighs just over 3 kg. The engine power is 30 watts indicated with, impressive for a robotic vacuum and the bagless dirt container also holds impressive 0.7 liters. It crosses the living spaces in the chaos principle and should find their way to the supplied charging station alone after work is finished, or lack of energy. It is equipped with various sensors that keep him from unwanted crashes and reveal other obstacles and soiled areas on the floor. It can be programmed in two periods of use via an LCD screen, so that the soil can also be purified in the absence. The Deebot also has 4 cleaning and as a special gimmick, via a voice output.

The included accessories are very extensive and that is almost an understatement. Together with the Deebot obtained literally a whole suitcase full of utensils, including the already mentioned above, the charging station. But which serves not only to the power supply, but also for the automatic emptying of the dust container. Given in the station an additional vacuum motor is integrated, which sucks the dirt from the robot and then stored in the station’s own, larger container. But the station is also multi-functional and can be converted with a few simple steps to a full-fledged handheld vacuum cleaner. In addition, the rate includes a remote control for the direct control of the robot, a magnetic tape for cordoning off areas containing it is not to navigate, as well as various cleaning and care utensils.

Test result – very easy to maintain

In Auto mode, the D76 is Deebot default go. He drives off in one direction until it encounters an obstacle and then reverses direction. Against obstacles he encounters, unfortunately indeed repeatedly, because the sensors do not prevent the optimal. Although it reduces the speed of light, but still neat rumst against furniture and walls.Delicate furnishings should therefore advance evacuate most of the way or close off each area using the magnetic tape. This keeps the robotic vacuum, although reliable remote, but also the surrounding area remains unpolished around the barrier. Because instead to brush up here on the tape, the Deebot turns directly and does in the opposite direction from the dust.

In the edge mode of the vacuum cleaner robot moves then for 25 minutes the walls and edges along, but does not quite work perfectly. He pushes again slightly against the obstacles, takes some distance, only to then go right back on a collision course. The two are side brushes a bit too small , so that the full range of dirt towards the main brush is moved. So stay clean either, especially in the corners, but also along the walls always small problem areas.The point mode works but then perfectly. Once the Deebot particularly strongly recognize soiled areas, it will enter the mode and sucks the area spiral and very thoroughly from. The intensive mode corresponds to the Auto mode, should the manufacturer but be especially powerful and can be used with heavily soiled floors.

The suction force of Ecovacs Deebot D76 is perfectly adequate and on hard floors and short-pile carpets also remains virtually no dirt back – at least in the decked areas. Because unfortunately the chaos principle works here long not as good as with the Roomba models of iRobot. He often worked areas in small rooms so extensively that it borders on energy waste, while other places just remain completely clean either. Also, the redesigned handheld vacuum cleaner is not really convincing in the test, since it is just a little too weak in the chest. Correct Handstaubsauger offer compared any case considerably more power. The suction function in the charger workshand perfectly and thanks to the large container you have this way clearly emptied less often than the small receiver of the robotic vacuum cleaner, the demand otherwise.

However, if a lot of hair to be removed from the ground, and the D76 requires a bit more effort. The hair wrap then again to the main brush and must then be removed quite time consuming. To Speech of Deebot draws on a memory card and the messages are just at the beginning quite funny ( “I see my home … out of the way!”), Though not particularly helpful. When after some time has enough of it, you can simply disable it fortunately. The sucking sound is quite loud compared to other robots and almost with conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners comparable. But thanks to the timer function it must not necessarily listen at work indeed.

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Test result – weakness orientation

Automatic drain, convincing suction, rich equipment – what more could you want? For example, the robotic vacuum cleaner really everywhere and most efficient dressing, but do not succeed in the D76 unfortunately. The lack of systematic in the pathfinding costs here plenty of points, because the competition is that it goes better with chaos principle.

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