The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Dyson DC37 Origin in Test

Dyson DC37 Origin in Test

Dyson DC37 Origin vacuum cleaner

Dyson DC37 Origin in the test: Read our recent review of the Dyson DC37 Origin and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dyson DC37 Origin – Review

The Dyson DC37 is by far the best bagless vacuum cleaner in the comparison test. If you want to spend even 300 euros or more, you must make sure nothing wrong. If there is to be bagless, pick up the original Dyson.

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The British company was founded by James Dyson until 1993 and has since been specializing almost completely on vacuum cleaner. The first model, which was produced even in the first year DC01 and revolutionized the market of the bagless vacuum cleaner. He then cost about 200 pounds and was still within less than 2 years the most popular vacuum cleaner in England. Since then, the British have always continued to polish up the technology and expanding its product range to numerous vacuum cleaner models. Meanwhile, the Dyson vacuum cleaners are sold worldwide and also in Germany one is in the premium segment leader . This is precisely the area on the Dyson aims, for under 300 euros there is hardly a vacuum cleaner in its range. The tested here DC37 Origin is such a thing as the entry level model and yet with a price of around 300 euros not exactly a bargain . It will therefore be interesting to see where the difference is at cheaper vacuum cleaners and whether such a Dyson is worth the relatively high purchase price.


Like all vacuum cleaners made by Dyson DC37 Origin is also on the cyclone technology , on which the success of the British should be based to a considerable extent. The air sucked in is in the device not pass through various filters and bags stop to the dirt, but the principle of a Fliehkraftabschneiders is used. For this, the air is accelerated ring and thereby acting on the contained dirt particles centrifugal forces press it against the edge. From there, they then drop into the collecting vessel. This is done in several stages, so that the finest particles are gradually removed from the air stream. The advantage is obvious, it saves consequential costs and also to the technology forparticularly clean air care.

Included with the DC37 Origin are in addition to the adjustable telescopic tube and the switchable floor nozzle, a Combined crevice and upholstery contain. The maximum engine power is with economical 1,300 watts specified and the collection container has room for 2 liters. The cable is sufficient to 6.5 meters in length for larger apartments and provides a range of around 10 meters. The steering mechanism is mounted at Dyson incidentally centrally, what is to provide improved mobility.

Test Result – expensive and damn good

When unpacking is clear that it maintains a high-quality device in his hands. The plastic used is robust and despite the small dimensions of the DC37 This is not easy, but feels very valuable to. No gap runs unevenly and all connections between vacuum cleaner, hose, suction pipe and nozzle raced clear into place and fit perfectly. The granted 5 years warranty complete the first-class impression here.

The very compact housing, the low center of gravity and the central roll system, the DC37 proves to be extremely flexible. It can be rotated easily on the spot, following the suction step of the way, without being noticed much resistance from him. The dust container can be taken easily and opens at a touch. Especially if one is empty it regularly really a matter of a few simple steps and is also very clean vonstatten. According to the manufacturer of the pre-motor filter used should be removed and cleaned approximately every 4 weeks, but is easily removed and reached afloat. Due to the cyclone technology, an electronic suction control way, is not possible, the Dyson therefore always runs at full power. For this, a secondary air controller is mounted on the handle, which makes it possible at least to minimize the suction power.

Speaking of suction power, which is the very great strength of the Dyson DC37 Origin. Whether hair, sand, dust or fibers, the test he has absorbed everything , even from deep carpet. And even if one sucks supposedly clean carpets, one often detects thanks to the transparent housing sucked dirt, let the other suckers lie flat. We are also pleased that the performance with increasing content does not decrease noticeably in the collection container. If you want to criticize something, then that would be on the one hand, given the price really minimalist style and the high purchase price itself.

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Test Conclusion – Quality has its price

If you are looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner, come to a Dyson past hardly. While lying in the 100-Euro-class devices with dust bag front, Dyson shows the DC37 that bagless vacuum cleaner can keep up. A top appliance that the price is actually worth.

Compare the Dyson DC37 Origin with other canister vacuum cleaners in our vacuum cleaner comparison test .

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