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Test report: Dr Becher Grillreiniger

Ovens and grills are difficult to keep clean. Encrustations, burnt-on residues and fat make cleaning more difficult. With the help of the grill cleaner from Dr Becher, used grill and baking utensils can now be cleaned very easily and within a very short time. Reason enough to subject the product to a detailed test. 

A very easy application

Already at the beginning of the test the very simple application of the grill cleaner was noticed. After the surfaces to be cleaned had completely cooled, the product was applied generously to the impurities. To obtain an even better result, it is advisable to remove very stubborn and coarse incrustations beforehand using a spatula. The solution itself should be applied for at least 15 minutes, at most 30 minutes. It is not necessary to dispense with longer reaction times in order to avoid unnecessary loading of the material by the aggressive substances. The surface was then rinsed with a lot of clear water until the cleaner had been completely removed. The result convinced. All treated areas were completely free of grease and dirt. Only a grill grate could not be completely cleaned by the first application – but a second run also brought the desired success.


Perfect cleaning thanks to special brushes

A great advantage of Dr Becher ‘s grill cleaner is that it is delivered together with a special brush. The special brush allows the product to be applied very precisely to the surface to be treated. In the test, a fairly angled oven was worked with the brush. The product convinced also here. The solution was easy to apply with the brush, and even difficult to access corners were perfectly cleaned after application. It is important
to note that the solution should only be applied with a special brush. Conventional brushes dissolve quickly due to the aggressive solution and are not suitable for use.


Very good cleaning with high flexibility

Dr Becher’s product was also very convincing with regard to its flexibility. The grill cleaner can be used for a wide range of appliances including:

– Grill
– oven
– fryer
– enamelled baking sheets

For all different materials, the grill cleaner showed a consistently high cleaning power. The special brush also made it possible to apply a very precise application which would not have been possible with the aid of a sponge.


Perfect for care

Even when grilling and grilling by the cleaning with detergent and sponge clean after grilling, often not visible stains remain on the surface. When they are used again, they burn into the surface and are then difficult to remove. For this reason, the Grill Cleaner from Dr Becher is ideal for the care of the grill and oven. Regularly applied, it cleans thoroughly and prevents the build-up of dirt. Thanks to the economical dosage, the product also lasts very long even with regular application.


Conclusion guy
In the test, the cleaner from Dr Becher convinced completely. It also removes stubborn encrustations and oily residues. The product is economical in the dosage and can easily be applied to the desired surfaces. The special brush, which belongs to the cleaner, was particularly convincing in the test, since it allows a targeted application. After application, the product is easily rinsed with a lot of clear water and leaves nothing but shine and a radiantly clean surface.

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