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Dirt Devil M607 in Test

Dirt Devil M607 robotic vacuum Spider












Dirt Devil M607 Spider in the test: Read our recent review of the Dirt Devil M607 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil M607 Spider – Review

The M607 Spider scored no top marks in the test, convinced a whole but still. This is primarily due to the low price and the annual performance on hard floors.In terms of equipment, comfort and efficiency of the Dirt Devil falls well behind the high-priced competitors.

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Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is an American manufacturer, which was founded in the early 20th century in Cleveland and now for well over 50 years manufacturing and sale of vacuum cleaners. So you can find equipment of all types and price ranges in wide range. The classic vacuum cleaner with bag is here represented, as are bagless models, hand, arm and Akkusauger. And like most major manufacturers has also Dirt Devil now robotic vacuum in the repertoire, two piece, to be exact. The tested here Dirt Devil M607 Spider comes with a price of about 100 euros one of the best robotic vacuum at all. The big brother wears thoughtful designation M608, and is not only more expensive, but also much better equipped with around 170 Euro. Read was here where saved the M607 Spider and how it is reflected in the test compared to other vacuum cleaner robots.


With an engine output of 17 watts of Spider is likely to dominate on the paper rather for hard floors, maximum for short pile carpets. Even on a roller brush, which significantly enhances the cleaning of carpets usually been omitted. Instead, located at the bottom of the M607 a pair of round brushes , which will push the dust and other debris toward suction port. In addition to the mounted bristle incidentally is another pair included as a substitute in the delivery. The dust container holds about 0.27 liters and works without additional bag. The built permanent filter is washable and therefore promises quite a long shelf life. Moreover, even a replacement filter is and more can be purchased also commercially for about 15 euros. A charging station does not have the Dirt Devil M607 Spider unfortunately, it derives power for its battery via a simple power cord. Also available on other features such as a remote control, lighthouses or a possible programming one must unfortunately refrain.

Unlike many competitors comes at Dirt Devil no pure chaos principle in the pathfinding for use, but a 3-stage program. Here, the suction automatically switches between stages and should thus ensure that possible all be sucked into the apartment. The first of 3 stages reminiscent but then the known Chaos mode, because here the Dirt Devil M607 Spider moves more or less arbitrarily by the space. In the second stage, he drives an expanding spiral and change eventually when he drives against an obstacle to the third stage. Here he follows the previously discovered obstacle and thus processes the edges and corners of the room. He does not crash here, it has 3 customizable sensors that will detect and avoid stairs and other paragraphs.

Test Result – carpets are a problem

Although the Dirt Devil M607 Spider one of the best robotic vacuum at all, it affects not come cheap, or even poorly finished. The red-black design is quite successful and also the battery can in the test with an operating time of an hour to convince. But this, he must advance also hang around 4 hours a power cable. Extremely pleasant contrast falls to the compact design. With a height of only 7 cm it really comes without problems under most beds, sofas or other furniture. Matching also the volume during operation proves pleasantly quiet . Even if you are staying in the same room, the noise of the Dirt Devil is never annoying or unpleasant.

Completely out of work, the M607 Spider floor cleaning course not do, but that can so far not a robot. Periodically, preferably after each use, the container is emptied and the filter should be cleaned. The filter can either beat, suck with a conventional vacuum cleaner, or rinse under the tap. No matter how that maintenance is quick and simple.Too bad, however, that the Dirt Devil despite regular emptying and cleaning often clogged . Even if the container is empty, it may happen that the performance breaks and the robotic vacuum with virtually no effect circling. Only when the clogging has been eliminated, it is working properly again. All the more annoying when you realize that after one hour of operation.

Also the lack of charging station can result in annoying situations . For since the Dirt Devil M607 Spider can not just return to a station with empty battery, it remains just stand there, where he precisely is. In the worst case, which may be under the bed or in a hard to reach area. Contrast is encouraging the cleaning results on hard floors, here the device collects almost all the loose dirt and wearing just when used regularly for cleanliness of the apartment. However, there are moments every now and then, that most places are indeed thoroughly treated, are few but completely omitted. The other devices get out a little better. Obstacles he recognizes, however very reliable and also runs very cautious hand, so you do not worry about furniture must have or other furnishings. However deep carpets are not the member of the Dirt Devil M607 Spider. Due to lack of roller brush cleaning convinced only partly here.

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Test result – cheap and good for hard floors

With a price of around 100 euros of Dirt Devil M607 Spider makes an affordable entry into the world of robotic vacuum. Other devices operate in some cases significantly more thorough and more comfortable, but also cost many times. For small apartments with hard floors, therefore, the Dirt Devil is quite a real alternative for relatively little money.

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