The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Dirt Devil M5036 Infinity VS8 in Test

Dirt Devil M5036 Infinity VS8 in Test

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner M5036

Dirt Devil M5036 in the test: Read our recent review of the Dirt Devil M5036 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil M5036 Infinity VS8 Turbo – Review

The M5036 Dirt Devil is with a price of about 80 euros one of the best bagless vacuum cleaner on the market. Not surprisingly, therefore, that he convinces with a great price-performance ratio. But not only that, but the suction is more than decent.

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Dirt Devil

Dirt Devil is an American manufacturer who was, at that time established in 1905 under the name “Vulture”. Although it has temporarily produced mixer, hair dryer and other household appliances, the focus was always on vacuum cleaners. In 1955, the Americans then built and sold well the first vacuum cleaner with the patented Cyclone system. To date, Dirt Devil is mainly for bagless vacuum cleaner with just that Cyclone technology known. The M5036 is one of the most popular models , not least likely to be at the low price of around 80 euros. We want to check the test whether the bagless vacuum cleaner can also convince us.


Like most modern models of Dirt Devil is also the M5036 a so Multicyclone vacuum cleaner. The dirt and dust particles are removed from the air stream by centrifugal force in the dust container. According to the manufacturer that has made an advantage that the suction just not diminish over time, since no filter is needed which might clog.Moreover, it will save you money, of course, because it will eventually have no bags are bought later. On a controllability of the suction power but you have with this technique without, because the separation of air and dust only works at a certain, fixed air velocity. The M5036 always runs at the same power , but not necessarily a disadvantage. Even expensive luxury models from Dyson are limited to a power level due to the technology.

Besides Standardbodendüse with slide switch for carpet or hard floors, Dirt Devil presents here a fairly extensive collection of slip- in. A parquet brush for delicate surfaces, two turbo brushes of different sizes, and a crevice tool.The turbo brush to make rotating brush head for a particularly thorough cleaning of carpets or upholstery. In contrast to much more expensive devices with an independent motor drive for the roller, the brush is incidentally added here by the air stream into rotation. The dust container holds 1.5 liters and the cable is 6 feet long. This means that the M5036 has a radius of about 8.5 meters . The automatic cable rewind and the secondary air controller on the handle are no special features, but also available.

Test Result – solid performance

Like most vacuum cleaner Dirt Devil is pleasantly advised small and light and the M5036 Infinity VS8. Thanks to the low weight of around 5.5 kg, and the very well-running wheels is also on deeper carpets very agile and follows almost at every turn. The plastics used act but also correspondingly light and sometimes a bit cheap, but at least there are no sharp edges or similar problems yourself. The cord storage clouds the picture a little, because this checked from time to time.

When it comes to handling the M5036 not only scores with his mobility, he has also the small details that can convince. So the cable is provided with two marks that indicate that the cable is almost or completely unrolled.Nothing earth-shattering, but a nice touch. The worst we found the connection between the handpiece and the telescope tube. The two have already be associated with a lot pressure, otherwise it often happens that to solve the two parts from each other. The cleaning or emptying the container is naturally somewhat less comfortable than in a vacuum cleaner bag . A medium sized dust cloud here unfortunately not always be avoided, should the so best done outdoors.

When it comes to suction the Dirt Devil leaves little to be desired. Pretty much all discernible particles are captured and removed from the first contact. And also allegedly clean carpets he takes the test still a lot of dust, which is clearly visible thanks to the transparent housing. He is certainly not inaudible to works, but the volume is never unpleasant . The rotating turbo brush clean carpets even more thorough, even if they of course fall back slightly compared to motor-driven rollers of high-priced competitors.

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Test result – bagless and low

The Dirt Devil M5036 hardly affords greater weaknesses in the test and is a maximum of 1,600 Watt also quite economical. If you are looking for a bagless vacuum cleaner, Dyson but is not an option due to the high price, you get the Dirt Devil hardly avoid.

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