The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Dirt Devil M2991 in Test

Dirt Devil M2991 in Test

Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner M2991

Dirt Devil M2991 in the test: Read our recent review of the Dirt Devil M2991-2 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Dirt Devil M2991-2 – Review

The M2991-2 Dirt Devil can score in the test especially with the very fair price of around 60 euros. For that you get a small, bagless vacuum cleaner with decent processing and good equipment. But significant weaknesses in the suction force and the operation can not be overlooked.

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Dirt Devil

The Dirt Devil M2991-2 is not only one of the best vacuum cleaner available from the American manufacturer, it is generally also one of the best bagless vacuum cleaner on the market. With a recommended retail price of 109.00 euros, the M2991-2 wanders now already for about 60 euros over the counter, or in the cart. If one then once the prices of bagless competition, such as Dyson, results in mind, it is obvious that there are dealing with a potential price-performance winner , provided the quality is right. We want to check in our test so if was eventually saved when M2991-2 in the wrong place, or whether he can convince in the major categories anyway.


Despite a maximum power of 1,800 watts of Dirt Devil M2991-2 is a rather small and maneuverable vacuum cleaner. With a weight of 3.5 kg and a dust container of only 1.6 liters, it clearly aims also to use in smaller spaces.The power cable is 5 meters long and provides a range of about 7.5 meters. By design it is in bagless vacuum cleaners like the Dirt Devil M2991-2 not possible to regulate the suction power electrically, since the filtration of the air only at a certain speed works , All the more gratifying that a secondary air controller on the handle is present. Thus, the suction power can be reduced in order to react as loose rugs or curtains drawn can.

Included in addition to the vacuum cleaner itself and a thin user manual, a parquet brush, a crevice tool and a dusting brush is included. The floor nozzle is easily changeable and so suitable for carpets and hard floors . A small lamp on the M2991 alerts you when it is time to clean the filter elements and to empty the dust collector. The air filter can be removed from the outside, an additional filter is mounted in the receiver and both can be washed off with water. This should be done by the way as regular as possible and if the warning light starts, it is already high time for it. After cleaning the filters must be thoroughly dried and can only be used again. The cable storage is done automatically by pressing a button and the telescope tube is easily adjustable in length.

Test result – only the suction capacity

Emptying the dust collection container is very simple , especially if it is done regularly. By pressing a button of the container including the handle can be removed and another button is pressed, the shutter opens on the lower base of the container, so that the dirt can be removed. This is a matter of a few seconds, only when the last evacuation is already longer ago, it can be a little uncomfortable. Then hair and fibers like wrap fixed times and emptying is an ordeal. Should order to prevent loss of suction and the filters are washed regularly. If refrained Unfortunately, it goes rapidly downhill with the Dirt Devil M2991-2.

With an empty dust container and freshly cleaned filter elements, the suction force is quite convincing, especially on hard floors. Here takes the Dirt Devil in any dirt and the floor nozzle slides very well over the ground. On soft carpets but shows a different picture, here the M2991 comes to its limits and the same place must be processed several times, until all dirt particles are taken repeatedly. Even in large apartments or houses with 100 m² or more is the Dirt Devil M2991-2 not really in his element. But are both dust container, as well as the radius of action a little too tight.

If you look at the price, it is hardly surprising that mainly plastic has been installed, yet that is processing everything tidy in everything. It benefits the Dirt Devil M2991-2 even from plastic and light weight, which makes it very agile. Also contribute to the well-running rollers and the reliable control cable. So the M2991 follows easily through the apartment and also vacuuming stairs is no soreness feasible. A minor drawback is still the volume, for while the suction is rather mediocre, the Dirt Devil is acoustically everything.

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Test result – superior Price

If you are looking for cheap bagless vacuum, the Dirt Devil M2991 is quite an option. Cheaper is a bagless vacuum cleaner to get hard. For small apartments perfectly adequate, in terms of suction However, they may not expect miracles.

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