The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Dirt Devil DD 5551-3 Infinity rebel – Comparison Test

Dirt Devil DD 5551-3 Infinity rebel – Comparison Test

The Dirt Devil DD 5551-3 is a bagless vacuum cleaner by means of the so-called. Multi-cyclonic technology advances the dust to the body. How does he do and what role play the cyclones, we respect in the following list of the most important points and equipment operation summarized for you.:

    • Like most of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner is also the DD 5551-3 relatively light household appliance: it weighs only 5.5 Kg His. Dust container has a volume of 1.5 liters, is transparent and can be easily removed for emptying from the main unit.inside the tank you can see the main cyclone and the 8 small side cyclones , which provide for the separation of fine dust. The motor protection filter in the lid of the dust container does not have much to do because of the high deposition degree of Multicyclones but should nevertheless every 3-6 months to be cleaned (see the next section and our fundamental remarks on the topic cyclone or multi-cyclone ).


    • It is switched to the DD 5551-3 via the easily accessible by foot to reach on / off switch and then bring it to a constant power output of 1600 watts . Note, however, that these vacuum cleaners, despite the relatively high power rating of 1600 watts still falls in the energy efficiency class B, ie the consumed electric Enerhie used sinnvol and efficient.


    • The telescope tube, the handle and the individual nozzles can be connected to each other by a simple plug-in mechanism. The handle is still in the so-called. Bypass vent which blows out a part of the sucked air in the open state, thereby reducing the suction power. The engine power itself but can not reduce electronically.


    • The attachable to the telescopic tube or directly on the handle nozzle you have the choice between
      • the standard floor nozzle that can be switched between carpet and hard floor,
      • a crevice tool ,
      • a turbo brush with a rotating brush head for deep cleaning of carpets,
      • an upholstery tool for vacuuming upholstery and curtains,
      • a parquet brush with long bristles for vacuuming hardwood or laminate.

      The telescopic tube is a small parking hook provided, the one mounts for parking or during work breaks in the parking bracket between the wheels. Anyone looking to save more space, can secure the rolled up hose to two clips and place it over the dust container. But there is no accessory support on the suction hose or the telescopic tube.


    • The radius of action incl. 6 meter extension cable is 9 meters, the volume is 78 dB (A).


Vacuum cleaner with multi-cyclone technology

The DD 5551-3 of Dirt Devil works with multi-cyclone technology (1x main cyclone and 8x secondary cyclones).

Its operating range is a total of 9 meters.

The suction power to takes best the EU, among others characteristics. They should be fully sufficient due to the multi-cyclone technology used. Thus, the suction performance is also obtained, of course, the dust container must be emptied regularly, while one should also take an immediate look at the (possibly contaminated) filters.

The hygienic exhaust filter (located behind the flap between the wheels) can in several ways getting cleaned. For small spills a gentle tapping extends over the trash can, otherwise you can also work with the supplied furniture brush and then wash the filter with cold water. Light and compact: the DD 5551-3 weighs only 5.5 Kg. This bagless vacuum cleaner is ideal for smaller households. to clean the dual motor protection filter (located in the lid of the dust container directly via the 8 small additional cyclones) you go almost as before. First you cut the cap of the motor protection filter cover, then bring the two filter elements (there are 2, hence the name Dual -Motorschutzfilter) gently and then cleans them under cold running water. It goes without saying that a replacement of the elements only after a complete drying of the same should take place. The filling level of the dust container can be seen because of its transparency readily. So you always know when it’s time to Entleren the dust box. One should make it a rule to check the state of both filters shortly. At the latest after: 3 – 6 months should the motor protection filter (and just as the exhaust filter) clean.

Dirt Devil DD-5551-3




The Dirt Devil DD 5551-3 has an integrated protective function that automatically turns the vacuum cleaner before it can overheat (eg, if the suction channels are blocked or because of a crowded dust container.).


Here are now once again all the values of the EU energy label:

  • Energy efficiency class: B
  • Volume: 78 dB (A)
  • Average annual energy consumption: 28.4 kWh
  • Dust emission class: B
  • Carpet Cleaning Class: D
  • Hard floor cleaning class: B

The DD 5551-3 is almost all EU characteristics very top (namely, the second best class), only in the carpet cleaning class he is more “mediocre”.

The Dirt Devil DD 5551-3 is a particularly lightweight bagless vacuum cleaner with its 5.5 Kg. He has enough accessories and thanks to its multi-cyclone technology, a device for which you have to buy any filter (unless you set it permanently in extremely heavily polluted areas a).

The volume is 78 dB (A) not just ideally, also be an option for mounting the components on the telescopic tube. The capacity of the dust container with 1.5 liters not particularly large. This bagless vacuum cleaner is therefore intended more for use in small households.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of the device together:

  • Weight: only 5.5 kg,
  • Dust container: 1.5 liters,
  • Action radius: 8.5 meters,
  • Extension cable: 6 feet,
  • Multi-cyclone with 8 additional cyclones,
  • electric power 1600 watts,
  • Volume 81 dB (A),
  • Accessories: crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, furniture brush, turbo and parquet brush,
  • Overheating protection,
  • Hygienic exhaust filter,

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