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DIMio SFY GWG Pull-up bar

DIMio SFY GWG Pull-up bar


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Test report: diMio SFY GWG Klimmzugstange

The diMio SFY-GWG pull-up bar is a very robust training device. It is possible to fasten this pull bar to the wall as well as to the ceiling. The weight of this pull-up bar is 6 kilos and the size 49 x 97 x 15 cm. The carrying capacity is 300 kilos. This fitness machine for the home is also suitable for overweight people and for many exercises for the strengthening of the arm, abdominal and back muscles. A load-bearing ceiling or wall is, of course, required here.

This means that you can not attach this pull bar to a simple false ceiling or a non-load-bearing wall. It is best to attach it to an external wall, that is, to the masonry. Ceilings in old buildings are usually not suitable for the attachment of this pull bar. This is necessary, because people with a weight of up to 300 kilos can use this pull bar.Even in a smaller apartment or a shared flat is however an ideal place for the attachment of this pull bar.

Even above the door in the house floor, if this is a load-bearing ceiling, it is possible to offer the DIMio SFY-GWG pull bar. Corresponding heavy load anchors for the screw connection are, of course, included in the scope of supply. This is important to know for most consumers who do not have a hardware store nearby, or if they want to get started immediately after arriving at the package. Installation does not take long. It is only necessary to drill the holes in the wall or the ceiling, which are necessary for the fixed or secure screw connection of the device.

If you have the possibility to attach the pull bar to the ceiling, there is, of course, the advantage that there is a big space gap. This is because the device does not reach the room and does not interfere with running. However, even in the case of wall mounting, the small space required by the small dimensions of this connecting rod is not so great.

The diMio SFY-GWG pull-up bar consists of a solid steel construction with powder coating and has hand-held foam handles. This results in a very good grip and slipping is almost impossible during the execution of the exercises. Of course, the handles are also ergonomically shaped and therefore enable all exercises, without any way to distort or hurt. Even though this pull-up bar offers only a few exercises, since it does not have a multigriff, it offers enough possibilities to train different muscles at home.

If the construction should interfere with a celebration in the apartment, you can simply take it off and stow away.Thanks to the small dimensions, the pull bar does not take up much space. Quick and easy to re-assemble the pull bar. An expensive monthly fee for the gym does not have to pay. So you are also much less under pressure. The manufacturer diMio offers a wide range of sports equipment and accessories for various sports.

Especially in the fitness area, this manufacturer has a lot of products to offer, which are of high quality and inexpensive to do so.


Conclusion guyThe diMio pull bar is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. It serves to be able to pay a lot of exercises for strengthening arm, belly and back muscles easily and comfortably at home without having to pay for a gym.

This pull bar is very robust and consists of its solid steel construction, which consists of a powder coating and hand-held foam handles. It is of course advantageous that the load-bearing capacity is up to 300 kilos.

This also means overweight people can do their daily weight loss exercises with this pull bar. The diMio pull bar has a small size and is also very light. If it should be in the way at a celebration, one can easily dismantle it and store it in a different place saving space.


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