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Didymos Standard Baby Tragetuch

Didymos Standard Baby Tragetuch


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Test report: Didymos Standard Babytragetuch

The Didymos Standard Baby Tragetuch was tested in a test practically in the application and on the question of the benefits. Here you get as a customer a safe cloth, that in its application is perfectly suitable to wear a baby in front of your belly. The shows showed that if a mother or the father would like to carry his child to his own body in a very pleasant and tight day, this Didymos standard baby carrier is best suited for this purpose. In the test shows the then the child is always optimally in the field of view of the wearer or wearer is that results in safety and good feelings.We also tested the option of how well a child can be carried on the back with this baby’s towel and also gave the best values. It is simply pleasant and the cloth always lays itself in such a way that a child of any weight always safely in a hollow lies. Children feel so comfortable and are close to the body of the mother or the father, which in itself gives a lot of security. 

Marked good features of the Didymos standard baby towel

To bind the Didymos Standard baby towel, the customer is also given instructions, these binding techniques have been tested in the test and these techniques are safe. This scarf can be used from birth and in about the third year of the child’s life. This is dependent on the weight of the child and the strength of the person carrying it. The cloth itself has enough space and is sufficiently large dimensioned. In the test all binding possibilities from the manual were tried and they can be easily tied.


An always convenient way to carry the child

Anatomically and ergonomically, this Didymos standard baby carrier is always suitable for the safe carrying of a child. The test showed it always a comfortable position for the child and that creates the elastic material of the cloth.


Here are the main advantages of the test:

  • Many different carrying positions
  • Ideal in front of the belly
  • Also safe sideways or on the back
  • Elastic diagonal woven
  • Always gives an optimal fit
  • Anatomically supportive for the baby’s body
  • Instructions as DVD and magazine
  • Material 100% cotton organic
  • Dimensions 520 x 65 x 5 cm
  • Weight 1000 grams
  • Basic material from controlled organic cultivation



Conclusion guy
From the test of the Didymos Standard Babytragetuch results a very positive and clear good conclusion as a vote for this towel. This idea comes from classical experiences and is very well implemented here with the Didymos standard babytravel. Customers get a well-engineered and very safe cloth, which is ideal for children and babies. The test also shows positive features of the guide, as about the DVD and the booklet, which describes very vividly and well the binding techniques. Thus, as a customer, one can be sure by learning all the technicians in peace. For the baby always optimal comfort and the optimal proximity to the body of the parents. Babies and children feel safe and the test proved that the good features and announcements of the manufacturer are fulfilled. This results in an optimal recommendation for this tested Didymos standard baby towel.

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