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Denqbar Türreck Pull-up bar

Denqbar Türreck Pull-up bar


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Test report: Denqbar Türreck Klimmzugstange

The Denqbar Türreck pull-bar is supplied with transparent side grommets so that no imprints are left on the door frame. In addition, the rod can withstand 300 kg without mounting this up to 150 kg. The necessary mounting material is included as well as a manual for the construction and explanations for the first exercises. The rod is chrome-plated and can be adjusted from 62 cm up to one meter. Thus it fits between any normal door, which should leave no traces on the door frame. This is, of course, also dependent on the material of the door frame, especially in older door frames, it can still be traces. In addition, the Denqbar Türreck pull-up bar is equipped with a handle to ensure that the hands are always secure. These are the details of the manufacturer, but what do simple customers say to this bar? Because of course these have their own ideas and of course different exercises. This is why the customers were allowed to test a rod of this kind, which they also gladly did.


Assembly and delivery

Here was already the first positive surprise, because the Denqbar Türreck pull bar was quickly assembled. Partially this was not even needed a guide, which of course led to the highest score. Only one customer wondered a little, because here was missing the instructions as well as the first training exercises. This was not a problem, because the bar could be installed so quickly without problems. A customer was even inventive, because it has old and yet weak door frames. This can use the bar despite everything, because he simply laid small wooden boards between door frames and transparent side grommets. This did not change the durability, only the door frames are so spared.So all the testers were very satisfied with the first result, especially with the simple assembly and setup.


First exercises without problems

After the attachment of the Denqbar Türreck pull bar came of course the first exercises. Here, some testers were a bit skeptical, but only because of their own weight. But then came the surprise, the rod held, without drilling and dowels. The side grommets are stable and even with higher weight, these are not to move. This really brought the highest points, whereby one or the other would have had the handles moved. However, these would not be so stable, but with thick gloves can be quickly remedied here. Even with the most sweeping exercises, the Denqbar Türreck pull bar did not move.


Conclusion guy
The score was 4.3 out of 5 points, which is a really very good result.Point deductions only existed when the bar was extended to one meter.This does not look very stable, but this has not been proven. Thus, all customers gave a clear purchase recommendation, because the Denqbar Türreck pull bar holds everything that the manufacturer promised. The price was considered justified, which is not often the case.All in all, all testers were very satisfied, especially with the fastening.Without drilling, because exactly that was searched and found. Just as easy to remove.

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