The best snow blowers 2016 / Denqbar DQ 0199 snowblower Test

Denqbar DQ 0199 snowblower Test

The Denqbar DQ-0199 is a professionalsnow thrower with a 15 hp (11 kW) petrol engine with electric start, hand warmers, track drive and light that creates a clearing width of at least 760 mm. The snow thrower was awarded by the trade magazine “Handyman practice” in issue 03/2014 with the overall grade “very good” and in issue 06/2013 with the overall grade of “good” (1.6). After the severe winter 2013/2014 has manufacturers Denqbar again reworked and now managed that the editors of this publication, the beautiful and powerful snowblower now for “Tool of the Year” voted. She brings with at least six forward and two reverse gears, the power steering power steering supports the operator. The electric start there in cold temperatures no problems, also protect heated handles the user. We have this exquisite Senior snowblower that at best there is on Amazon, subjected to a test for you.

Snowblower properties

    1. Snow removal
    2. handling
    3. Pros and Cons Product Reviews
    4. Technical details
    5. Conclusion


Snow removal: Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower

With the Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower working easier, it has a rotatable by 190 ° discharge chute and saves the operators so much precious time. The snow removal is quick and makes also so much fun that Dad and Junior argue every day about who should do it because. The snow thrower is one in the upper middle class and is very versatile, it is just for private homeowners as for professional use. An important feature is their very good relationship between their weight of 142 kg, and the performance. It has a track drive, which ensures excellent traction on slopes. The recent improvement in the manufacturer resulted inter alia in the heated hand grips, additional equipment details for a light work are the efficient and powerful 15hp OHV four-stroke engine, the sophisticated Schneckenfrässystem that works very well in wet snow, and the deadman switch for safe operation. If the operator releases the safety clutch, the drive stops, the auger will then stop rotating. The snow removal was achieved with the Denqbar protrude DQ 0199 Senior snowblower, it has a track system with six forward speeds, two reverse gears and power steering power steering for easy guiding and a simple steering. Other alternatives to this snowblower, there are in oursnowblower test .

Handling of Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower

The 230 volt electric start the Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower can simply and easily be started by pressing a button, it then runs perfectly with excellent clearing capacity. Also previously accumulated snow mountains are no match for the powerful machine, they milled the mountain sliced off and then throws crushed ice and snow from in a high arc that it is a pleasure. The heated grips are perceived by our servers at the Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower in the test as a whole incredibly comfortable. In the package are the Senior snowblower includes the maintenance tool and a comprehensive user manual.

Pros and Cons Product Reviews: Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower

    • Pro: high performance, very low purchase price, comfort
    • Cons: somewhat decreased ejection width in wet snow



Technical details for Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower

    • Power: 15 hp (11 kW)
    • Engine: 4-stroke OHV air-cooled
    • Displacement: 420 cc
    • Fuel: Petrol (unleaded)
    • Throwing distance: max. 15 meters
    • Seat height: 550 mm
    • Recording width: 760 mm
    • Discharge chute: 190 ° rotatable


Conclusion: Denqbar DQ 0199 Senior snowblower

The Senior snowblower DQ 0199 of Denqbar proves in practice to be highly efficient and scores also with high comfort. Their use can also take place at the locations where smaller snowblowers reach their limits, ie for example in deep snow layers and during site clearance of larger areas, which is carried out by businesses and employees of public institutions. This compares to a moderate price on Amazon.

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