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DENQBAR DQ 0190 Pull-up bar

DENQBAR DQ 0190 Pull-up bar


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Test report: DENQBAR DQ 0190 Klimmzugstange

Professional training at home, that is the goal that can be achieved with the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull-up bar. Pull-ups offer the optimal training unit to improve the upper body and its musculature best and to train a super body. In a practical test, it was precisely assessed how good this pull-bar of professional design is and what the customer is offered.


Once properly depend and pull upwards

If you want to train sensibly and get into shape with pull-ups, this professionally designed pull-up bar from DENQBAR is the exact solution and what you need. Our test team has dealt exactly with the question of how easy is the sports equipment to install and how good is the quality? Both questions are, in principle, to be answered with good, but the assembly of this rod requires some knowledge.

In the end, the construction has to withstand a lot and you should already know its walls, to which this rod is attached. The test has shown this and the construction of the pull bar is robust enough to train an adult safely.


What can you do with the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull-bar?

The simultaneous training of the back, shoulder, chest and arm musculature is easy with this very innovative design. The DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull-up bar is intended for wall mounting and during installation you should adhere exactly to the given dimensions of the instructions. Otherwise you should decide individually and make this installation according to your own measurements.

The test team kept exactly to the instructions and so the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull-bar could show full use. The exercises are simple and unmistakable that own body weight serves as a resistance to building the muscles and that is fun.

The comfort and quality features of the DENQBAR DQ 0190 Pull-up bar:

– High-quality material from powder coated steel and foam
– elegant color: black
– Weight: 3.5 kg
– high load up to 350 kg
– Dimensions under construction 100 cm x 50 cm x 20 cm
– simple and very easy assembly
– best and professional quality standards
– Branded product


The pull bar for professionals and also at home

What gets the customer for his money, that is quickly recognized here and the test showed. The DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull-up bar is a professional training device for professionals and private people. At least the construction appears very professional and the exercises that could be completed in the test are also very professional and simple.

This training leads to success quickly and here you can embrace the comb handle or get into special pull-ups. This broadens the possibilities and this was also tested and completed in the test. The DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull bar is a device that has been designed very innovatively and also takes account of the ergonomic rules of feasibility. Here you get a training device that has been tried and tested and has high quality material to ensure safety during training.

One wonders, what should go wrong with the pull-ups and this question depends on the quality of the processing of the device. The test showed unanimous quality in the test and that in all the details of the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull bar. Here every cent is well invested and that shows the manufacturer produces things that really work.


Conclusion guyThe result from the practical test of the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull bar is extremely positive, because this sports equipment is professional in design and the conceptual design. There was a good number of exercises in the test, and the training instructions made the training professional. Once the hurdle of the installation has been taken, the training starts immediately.

The test team has detected some weaknesses during the installation, but has done quickly with these hurdles. This means you should either bring in a specialist or take the appropriate time.

Also when selecting the height on the wall you should take exactly time.Here, in the end, you decide how good the training will be. The quality of the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull bar is convincing in every detail and this gives a recommendation for the purchase of the DENQBAR DQ 0190 pull bar.

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