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Dema 6t 230V wood splitter

Dema 6t 230V wood splitter


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Test report: Dema 6t 230V wood splitter


With the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter, everyone can split their chimney in wind ropes, without coming into contact with hanging cables. With a compressive force of 6 tons even the hardest wood can be easily cracked. The quantity plays no role here, with which the winter stock can be created. This also helps the extended gap area up to 105 cm, which means that even wood is split quickly. The four-fold slit cross is included in the scope of delivery, whereby four split pieces can be obtained with a stroke.

The connection is made at 230 Volt, ie a normal Schukosteck socket. The engine power is 3000 watts, engine revolutions 2820 per minute. The nip pressure is 6 tons with a gap speed of 2.9 cm per second. The size of the dividing table is 30 X 30 cm, the gap table is still height-adjustable. Solid rubber wheels with a diameter of 17.5 / 4.5 cm, the outside dimension is WxDxH: 49x80x101-149 cm. With a weight of 96.5 kg, stability is ensured at the same time. As far as the data provided by the manufacturer, but whether the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter can also exist in everyday life, this will test normal customers.


Handling and volume

Here, all testers agreed, because the handling is very simple. Only a lot of grease needs to be lubricated, but this did not lead to any point deduction. The adjustable working height has also been found to be very advantageous, whereby this can then be optimally adjusted to each person. Even the four wooden parts, which are split here, are more than positive. So all the testers were more than enthusiastic, and the quiet operation was emphasized. With the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter, no ear protectors are necessary, because the device works very quietly.

Even the neighbors had no objections, as there were no loud noises. Above all the simple handling was emphasized again and again, even with much wood the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter did not yield in its achievement. Only that this would be a little slow, was still noted, but praised the silent workmanship. So the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter could get the full points here, because all the testers agreed here.


Price-performance ratio

At this point, all customers agreed, the price is absolutely adequate. Especially the simple handling and the simple processing of wood were the most important points. Whether a lot or little wood, the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter does its tasks completely without problems. Of course, this must always be greased again, so that the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter can do its work without grumbling. Also here the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter got the full points, whereby all testers would buy the device again. Thus, the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter could collect 5 points in the entire test, whereby a clear purchase recommendation was pronounced.

The stability was also emphasized, because the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter works quietly, without moving from the place. A wooden splitter that really takes on any challenge, because it was conceived for this purpose. The price is thus more than reasonable, since from the delivery to the operation, everything was simple. No complicated assembly, but simply adjust and then the plug into the can.


Conclusion guy
Here the manufacturer has kept everything, which was also promised. The Dema 6t / 230V wooden splitter fulfills all requirements and still very quiet. The price was felt justified, which is still very strong by its weight. All in all, the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter is highly recommended, also because the work can be done quickly and easily. Above all, there are four wooden gaps, as well as the working surface can be adjusted. Easier nobody can get his wood for the winter, that was the unanimous opinion of the testers. Thus, the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter has met all the requirements and has rightly obtained 5 points.A purchase which is worthwhile, since here everything really quiet and quiet is done. Of course the fat should not be forgotten, but this effort is very low. Then the Dema 6t / 230V wood splitter works very quietly and precisely. With this result all testers could only pronounce an absolute purchase recommendation, since here is really not promised too much.


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