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DEFINICJA Pull-up bar


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Test report: DEFINICJA Klimmzugstange

This is a professional pull-up bar for wall mounting and with six slip-resistant handles. The DEFINICJA pull bars are always produced with extensive knowledge with professional equipment in the field of power sport and metallurgy.For the steel of the pull bar, there is the safety certificate CE or B. For the pipes there is the diameter of ¾ and for the profiles there are 40 times 20 times 2 millimeters and 30 times 30 times 2 millimeters.

Very interesting in the pull bar is that there is an additional hook for a punching bag and this does not interfere with the exercises at the neck and is hidden between two handles. With the pull bar, the training is ideally suited for burning fat and building muscle.

The DEFINICJA pull-up bar can be recommended with the various rubber grips and different handle widths, because different pull-up exercises allow for a comprehensive back-pulling. The muscle groups that are the most stressed are the abdomen, the lower arms, the biceps and the broad back muscles.


Important properties and information

There is a lifetime guarantee on the DEFINICJA pull bar. The pull bar is always suitable for the effective training for the arms, neck, shoulder, back and chest. There are a total of five different training configurations and also the stable punching bag holder. Overall, the pull bar was equipped with six slip-resistant handles. When mounting with the 6 screws, the maximum stability is offered.

The depth of the pull bar is 70 centimeters and the total width is 118 centimeters. The close parallel handle is at 25 centimeters and the wide parallel handle at 60 centimeters. The pull bar has a weight of approximately seven kilograms and the maximum load capacity is 300 kilograms. The color of the pull bar is black and it is powdercoated.

The material of the rod is steel and as a mounting type there is anchoring and wall. The scope of delivery includes six anchors and six screws. During the construction, no plug connections or screws are found, since finally everything was completely welded at the pull bar. Not for nothing, there is the lifelong warranty from the manufacturer and with the pull bar the maximum load is finally at 300 kilograms.

The pull bar is ideal for newcomers and for advanced users in the field of power sports, and is usually intended for wall mounting. In the pull bar, there are five different training configurations and there is sufficient leg clearance and a great distance to the wall of seventy centimeters.


What is to be considered?

There is an excellent quality with the pull bar from the manufacturer. Everything was designed so that even the pull-ups could still be safely carried out with the aid of a heavy weight. The large distance to the wall ensures that the hanged windows do not rub against the wall. There are hardly any pull bars with a larger distance and from the manufacturer there is only the easier rod, which has ten centimeters less distance.

In most cases, this would certainly suffice and this tie bar definitely provides a sufficient distance. After the product has no bolted joints, there are also some weak points from the other products.

In order to provide additional stability, there are many transverse struts. The package is of course a bit bigger, but everything is packaged at the pull-bar, and the need for the unnecessary carton is unnecessary. As a rule, delivery of the pull bar is without problems.


Discover the matching pull bar

In general, the pull bar is a training device, which allows athletes to lift themselves from the lower arms and from the upper body thanks to the muscular force. Every pull on the pull bar is only valid if the chin is also over pull bar.Furthermore, it is important that the body does not vibrate during the execution. If a pull-out pull has been successfully carried out, then the arms have to be almost extended again.

If a pull bar is not to be attached to the door, then there is also the wall attachment. Usually, dowels and screws are supplied. It is important to ensure that the stability is tested by the wall. If the wall is non-porous, the load of up to 300 kilograms can be withstood. Due to the rigid mounting, there is no play and thus there is the firm grip without yielding.


Conclusion guyMany buyers are enthusiastic about the quality of the product. Overall, this pull bar is very solid and stable. Everything is very well packed and by the sufficient distance to the wall does not have to worry. The training is very comfortable thanks to the rubber grips and the hook for the punching bag is a big plus. Thanks to the different grip positions, a versatile training is made possible.


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