The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Cleaning robot “What cleaning modes are there?

Cleaning robot “What cleaning modes are there?

The SPOT mode there at all manufacturers, and it also referred to all the same procedure: the robotic vacuum cleaner is placed on a single separately selected location in a room with the intention of the soil on a limited area to clean at this point to the starting point around , Therefore please press either the control panel or on the remote control “SPOT button”.

The special feature of the movement in this case is the spiral drive that represents the optimal driving strategy for this task.There are no models with conventional procedure by amoebic or Mäanderstrategie that the SPOT mode switch autonomously on their ride.

Both cleaning modes mean the same thing: it starts the robotic vacuum and there are all available rooms of the apartment cleaned automatically.

These modes are only available from Samsung Saugrobotern: they are remotely about each mode, in which the robot vacuum cleaner is traveling, to appear. Here, the increased turbo mode , the rotational speed of the main brush, and the Edge modeensures a particularly thorough cleaning of edges and corners.

In the programmable models, this mode refers to the state of the robotic vacuum cleaner when it has been programmed to a specific cleaning time. The cleaning process is then started at the specified time, ie the robot leaves its Home Base, does his work and returns to the charging station (until the next start is vorprammierte).

The term “Scheduled Cleaning Mode” are not in this form only by the manufacturer iRobot, but also Samsung and Solac robots have internally course a Scheduled Cleaning Mode, as they offer Timer Programming.

Here is a special mode for cleaning particularly soiled areas.

This cleaning mode is in operation started by the dirt-recognition system in the form of a built-in on the underside of the sensor and ended after the “clear” of the sensor. One can not be triggered by pressing a button as in the SPOT mode this mode so.

One can see this condition on two things:

  • the blue Dirt-Detect lamp flashing at the top,
  • the robotic vacuum moves across the smudges covered by it forward and backward so that optimal cleaning is assured.


If you want to buy a robotic vacuum that dominates almost all cleaning modes perfect, is Roomba 871 is exactly the right for you:


iRobot Roomba 871

Overall grade VERY GOOD (1:44)

iRobot Roomba 871

Best buy

EUR 699.00   -9%

Plus points

  • Telematics
  • Dual Rec roles
  • Virtual Wall
  • Intelligent contamination detection
  • Various cleaning modes
  • fall Protection
  • xlife battery


  • No lighthouse

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