The best robot vacuum cleaners 2016 / Cleaning robot – past, present and future

Cleaning robot – past, present and future

Cleaning Robot Illustration

We take a look at the development of the vacuum cleaner for autonomous robotic vacuum. And what else can actually be cleaned already automatically?

The first vacuum cleaners were developed in the 19th century in the United States, but were not comparable with the devices known today. The first were simply too big, cumbersome and especially expensive. Over the years, the models have been continuously improved and finally were able to so penetrate the mass market from mid-20th century. Compared to the vacuum cleaners from the 1950s and 1960s, the modern models are of course much more powerful and above all more efficient, on the basic operation but has since nothing changed. The devices were only ever lighter and handier, which among other things, the development of hand vacuum cleaners enabled.

The first robotic vacuum

Only in 1997, the Swedish manufacturer Electrolux has then ushered to the Trilobite a new era. That was the first commercially available automatic vacuum cleaner, the first vacuum cleaner robot so. Looking at the equipment it is clear that he has not so very different from the modern models. Even then, after nearly 20 years ago, he was able to recognize obstacles with ultrasonic sensors, avoid depths thanks to infrared and return for charging the battery automatically to the charging station. A resounding success was the Trilobite nevertheless not and Electrolux now has taken him from the program.

Dyson has then taken in 2001 with a newly developed robotic vacuum the next test in the field. The unit was much too expensive and it has never done for the reason for the market. Only when iRobot has introduced a year later the first Roomba, has done correctly what in the field of robotic vacuum. A few months later the first 50,000 models were sold and a little later the Roomba has managed its way into many American department stores and electronics markets. That was more or less the starting point, because now was all manufacturers realized that it is possible to earn money Saugrobotern. Since then, bring more and more companies, of course, the traditional manufacturer of cylinder vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuum own on the market. So try, for example, Dyson, after the failure in 2001 to take up with a new model in the range foot.

Vacuums are just the beginning

At the beginning of 2014 already more than 10 million units sold worldwide Roomba small auto helper a real factor in the vacuum cleaner market are now – compared to conventional cylinder vacuum cleaners but still a relatively small. The main breakthrough seems to be only a matter of time. With advancing technology, the fully automatic vacuum cleaner should not only be getting better, but should their manual predecessors, sooner or later displace completely. And with the perfectly functioning, autonomous robotic vacuum of course, the end of the road is also far from being achieved. In more and more other areas of the budget should keep robot collection. So even floor-mopping robot and windows agreement robots (for example, for example, is already here ) offered.

Also for cat owners to rely on automatic helpers like the Litter-Robot and leave the cleaning of litter this for many years. Moreover, probably no other cleaning robots are in the near future but to be expected. With automatically cleaned floors, windows and pets, at least according to the current state, the technically feasible achieved.

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