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Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer

Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer


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Test report: Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer

Exercising, moving and low-fat food are the basic prerequisites for a healthy life. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that all these things are not always sufficient to achieve or maintain their optimal weight. Sport medicine, on the other hand, has recorded opportunities that have a supporting effect. A very good example of this is the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer.

With this trainer, many subjects can be picked up at once. This starts the muscles strengthened, the metabolism is stimulated and body fat is broken down. In addition, the trainer provides for the activation of the muscle fibers. This is very intense and leads to the cellulitis that has no chance. The best thing is, you do not even have to exert yourself excessively.


A masterpiece that delivers miracles

This is all because the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer is equipped with a very powerful motor. The motor has a capacity of 0.5 kW. Through the vibration trainer the circulation is improved, the muscle build-up is stimulated and the coordination of the whole body is increased. As a result, fat metabolism gets better and the bone density is increased. Therefore, the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer is not only a training device, but it also has a preventive and regenerative effect. The device is therefore used so much, because many strenuous and sweat work is done at once. Sports and getting fit, has never been so much fun. With this device many different muscle groups are tranced at the same time. And in a very short time.


Technically unbeatable – the training device from Christopeit

The best thing about this Vibro I Vibrationstrainer is, it can be used as it is, or one strengthens the effect by using, for example, elastic elastics or dumbbells. The original equipment has three training programs, which are specified.Furthermore, the user can perform a manual program. In addition, the athlete can choose between 20 different speed levels. The speed levels work with short and fast oscillations, which affect 2.5-25Hz on all muscles. The stand position of the device also regulates the amplitude with which it is trained. There are differences between 0 – 10 millimeters.

In order not to interfere with the sub-tenant, the unit is equipped with 4 feet, which are used for vibration damping.Naturally, a safe stand is also guaranteed. Naturally the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer has a computer with an LED display. The display is divided into three different windows, which display the training time, the body fat analysis and the speed level. The device can also be used as a supplement to strength training or cardiovascular training. Of course in a very traditional way.


Unterstellung – no topic

By virtue of the fact that the device can be operated with a commercially available power supply, the Vibro I Trainer is ideally suited for home use. Also the measurements of approx. L 70 x W 74 x H 121 cm are not a problem. There is always a small corner to be found. The device does not matter in which space, it finds its existence. Very important to know is that the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer can be used up to a body weight of 150 kilograms perfectly. The unit itself also weighs just 36.5 kilograms, so no triple ground is needed to set up the unit. In order to transport the trainer optimally, transport rollers are supplied.


Conclusion guy
So the conclusion is, for all those who want to do more training and sports, without getting involved, the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer is just the right device. With the device all needs are satisfied at once.There is no better price / performance ratio on the market. Even if the price appears to be a little high, it is not. Hours in the gym or other sports activities cost just as much money. And the best thing is, the user can decide when and how long he wants to use the Christopeit Vibro I Vibrationstrainer. Being your own coach is perfect.

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