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Christopeit 1688 chinrest bar

Christopeit 1688 chinrest bar


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Test report: Christopeit 1688 Klimmzugstange

The Christopeit Türreck Klimmzugstange is an ideal home coach. It is a simple steel construction and can be attached to the door frame with a few hand movements. You can not build your sports equipment faster and easier.

Since this pull bar includes various handles, many different exercises are possible. This makes the training plan even more individual. A lot of exercises can be done in pairs, so the training is all the more fun.


Advantages of the pull-up days Christopeit Türreck

The pull bar can be used especially for upper body training. It is simply hooked into the door frame and can not slide off. This ensures sufficient safety during training. Drilling is not necessary. The padded grips of the pull bar ensure a secure hold. They lie very well in the hand and offer a good grip even with sweaty hands.

The steel construction is very stable. It is designed for a weight of up to 100 kg and is an ideal helper to strengthen the condition and endurance. If the pull bar is not needed, it can be dismantled directly and stowed away. It is especially advisable if the rod is stored in a pocket that protects the sports equipment from dust and dirt. In addition, the device can be safely transported with it.


Characteristics of the sports equipment

The sports equipment has a dimension of 96 x 45 x 19 cm. It is ideal for door frames of 75 to 85 width. It can be specifically adjusted to the desired size. The rod is clean and high quality processed. It also withstands larger loads. When buying, however, it should always be ensured that the maximum weight is not exceeded.

Otherwise, no guarantee can be given for the durability of the pull bar. The sides should not exceed 16 cm. Otherwise, the device would not fit. With the two additional grip positions, many exercises on the pull bar are possible. The abdominal and arm muscles can be optimally strengthened with this sports equipment.

But the central back muscles can also be strengthened or isolated. If you buy the Christopeit Türreck pull-up bar, you will get a sports equipment, which offers a welcome change after work. The rod is simply hung over the door and the exercises can be started. Pull-ups should always be carried out very cleanly.

Only then is it ensured that the muscles are addressed by the training. Gradually the time of the exercises can be extended. Individual pull-ups are also possible. Many tips on the topic of pull-ups with the Christopeit 1688 pull bar can be requested from the manufacturer.


All details at a glance

  • Material: steel
  • Model no. 1688
  • Measurements: 96 x 45 x 19 cm
  • Weight: 3,6 kg
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
  • Sides thickness: 11 to 16 cm
  • Door frames: up to 75-85 cm wide



Conclusion guyThe pull bar is an ideal way to perform some exercises at home. Pull-ups offer the advantage that they are performed variably in wide or narrow handles. They are ideal for strengthening and training the entire upper body.

During the exercises on the pull bar, the most diverse muscles as well as auxiliary muscles are activated. Exercises on the stable pull bar should not be missing in any training plan. Care should be taken to ensure a clean design. Since pull-ups are very effective, the pull-up bar can appeal to a wide range of muscle parts. The grip bar can be used with a wide range of grips for triceps or biceps.

The pull bar is made of steel and therefore very stable. When used properly, this sports equipment is very durable. All corners and edges are rounded so that you can not hurt yourself as an athlete.

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