The best reviews 2017 / Britax BOB Revolution PRO Baby Jogger

Britax BOB Revolution PRO Baby Jogger

Britax BOB Revolution PRO Baby Jogger


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Test report: Britax BOB Revolution PRO Baby Jogger

Many parents of small children are looking for the right baby car for your child. It should be comfortable for the child, have a good quality, be top quality and be without problems to push. These are the main factors on which the young parents usually attach great importance. Of course, there are also small individual points: many are important to the color, sometimes the brand and so on. I bought this baby car for my little son four weeks ago and I really have to say that I am completely satisfied. But always in order: 

Order, payment and delivery

I ordered this stroller on the Internet, which ran without problems. The order went very quickly with the offerer and also an order confirmation was few moments later in my e-mail PO box. I should of course transfer the amount in the coming days to the account, which I have done immediately via Paypal. After receipt of payment – which usually takes place very quickly via Paypal – the provider has also sent the baby carriage quickly on journeys. Only a few working days after my order the baby car was already in my hands. The package was completely intact, the goods in a top condition and without any quirks. The package service seems to have also carefully bypassed the package.So the order, the payment and the delivery ran as much as a customer – and certainly also the provider – wish it.


Quality and first impressions of the baby carriage

After I got the package, I made myself of course unpacking. As already mentioned, there was no damage to the article. Then I took the jogger under closer scrutiny. The processed material gave me a really high quality impression. The seams were all sewn clean and the fabric felt very good and comfortable. The tires are made of high quality rubber, without damage and provide sufficient grip. The handles are also processed in such a way that the baby carriage is always well in the hand. Even if you should go jogging in the summer and get sweating hands, you should still have the stroller under control. So my first impression was positively positive and I was positively surprised by this article. The fact that I really can not find any flaws can not be found in many articles.


Functions and data

The stroller measures 64.5 x 134.6 x 116 cm according to the manufacturer. The maximum recommended weight or load is limited by the manufacturer to 17 kilograms. Officially the children’s car is suitable for children from six months to about three years (17 kilograms). Since it is a so-called “jogger”, this stroller is of course also approved for jogging and skating. The one front wheel you can either find, or leave loose to better the directions change. This is done simply by means of a lever which can be loosened by hand. A jogger must of course also have a brake for all emergencies. This model has a drum brake that works wonderfully. In my view, it does not slow too much, but not too weak, but just right. We have summarized the most important details and data in an overview:

– A maximum load of 17 kg according to the manufacturer
– lockable front wheel
– quality, well-functioning brake drum
– officially approved for jogging and skating
– for children from six months


Conclusion guy
So I am overwhelmed by this stroller model. The brand BOB is already known in America for its very good models and as a leading market provider, so I thought that I simply bite into the sour apple and spend so much money on the stroller. And lo and behold, I was not disappointed. I really could not find any flaws. All the things I’ve tested have convinced me all along. From the order, the payment and the delivery up to the first impressions, the processing and the praxistest left this model no wishes from me open. Since I like to go jogging for my life, I had to have a jogger. If you are also looking for a jogger stroller, I can recommend this model with the best conscience. The price-performance ratio is absolute top and completely justified.

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