The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Bosch BSG81466 in Test

Bosch BSG81466 in Test

Bosch BSG81466 Vacuums

Bosch BSG81466 the test: Read our recent review of the Bosch BSG81466 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Bosch BSG81466 – Review

The BSG81466 Bosch is a really good vacuum cleaner.He convinced the test by a fantastic processing and affords even when the suction power, equipment and processing no weaknesses. For larger apartments or houses there are few better. Read in our review why it is still not quite enough for overall victory.

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Bosch, together with Siemens as a leading manufacturer of household appliances in Germany.What many do not know, both brands are maintained since the 60s under the umbrella of BSH (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte) GmbH. Nevertheless, both lead their own and independent product lines, even with vacuum cleaners. So you have about 20 different vacuum cleaner on offer, similar to Siemens also alone at Bosch. The tested here BSG81466 is certainly to settle in the upper class and also suitable for larger apartments or houses. He is just like the Siemens models advertised as “made in Germany” and that should then not turn out in the test as the only common. Nevertheless, there are differences, and the test will show how the Bosch can beat compared to the competition from their own house and other vacuum cleaners.


As mentioned, it is the Bosch BSG81466 by no means a low-priced entry-level model, already the price of more than 100 euros shows and also to look at the features illustrates that. The now proven CompressorTechnology ensures high suction capacity , with ultra-low power consumption. A mere 1,400 Watts takes the maximum BSG81466 on, for a vacuum cleaner of this size a very good value. He is also in the highest energy efficiency class A. The fact that it retains only in terms of energy consumption, even a glance at the rest of the data. A weighing over 6 kg and a filter bag volume of 5.5 liters clearly show that he feels comfortable on larger living. The exhaust air is cleaned by a HEPA filter, and thus promises to be particularly clean.

The 4 castors under the vacuum cleaners are independently and freely, which is a high agility promises. Supplied with an already installed vacuum cleaner bags and the above-mentioned are HEPA filter included. More bags or filters are not included but can be purchased separately as an accessory. For the bag about 0.80 Euros are due, the filter cost more than 10 euros. The latter, however, also hold long and are washable. A small display on the device indicates, incidentally, when it’s time for a new bag. In addition to the normal floor nozzle are also several slip-in package. Two different sizes cushion nozzle, an extendable crevice tool and a brush attachment for cleaning furniture. The cable automatically rolls up after a short jerk and is 10 meters also very generous.

Test Result – expensive but really good

The relatively high purchase price is noticeable already at first glance the Bosch BSG81466. Everything is over neatly processed, the materials are consistently robust and many details are convincing. To the underside of the floor nozzle is made for example of metal, as opposed to cheap devices where this consistently made of plastic.The two handles on the vacuum cleaner have as rubberized surfaces as well as all the buttons on the device. The accessory parts are well made and thought-out design.

Despite the relatively high weight of the BSG81466 proves in the test as very smoothly. Thanks to the 4 free rollers and the smooth cord statement he follows when sucking smoothly through the entire apartment. The bags are also changed quickly and easily, without the dust is distributed again. The suction power is working properly and continuously, the controller of this is attached to the vacuum cleaner itself. A knob on the handpiece would still added convenience, but is unfortunately missing.

Modern vacuum cleaners have shown many times, the wattage is completely insignificant for the suction and the Bosch BSG81466 confirms once more. The 1,400 Watt are almost too strongly at full power . With the setting loose carpets are repeatedly sucked and lifted from the ground. Even at half strength, we have all of the particles such as flour, rice and sand can suck out carpets in the test easily. Here, the suction is then also pleasantly quiet.Under full load it will hand clearly audible, but it never uncomfortably loud.

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Test result – optimal for large areas

The BSG81466 is actually carved from winner-wood that it is still not enough for the first place, is only on the even stronger competition from Siemens, which are just the price-performance ratio significantly forward. For larger residential space there is in the price range still no better than the Bosch.

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