The best vacuum cleaners 2016 / Bomann BS 971 CB in Test

Bomann BS 971 CB in Test

Bomann BS 971 CB Vacuum Cleaner

Bomann BS 971 CB in Test: Read our latest report for Bomann BS 971 and compare it with other vacuum cleaners.

Bomann BS 971 CB – Review

Boman plans to offer the BS 971 CB a vacuum cleaner for the very small budget, but it also suffers from the quality. The suction power is at most mediocre and the processing below average.

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The Bomann GmbH is a resident of Kempen subsidiary of Clatronic International GmbH. Both distribute technical and often visually identical devices, but these are not manufactured in Germany under its own name. Rather, the electrical and household appliances are produced mainly in the Asian region, then imported and sold here. The objective is clear, to work as cheap to manufacture and then attack with the equipment, the low-price segment. The tested here vacuum cleaner BS 971 CB is a perfect example. Small, light, high wattage and a competitive price of partially well below 60 euros . We want to examine the test now is whether the calculation comes up and the Bomann can keep still with high quality vacuum cleaners.


The maximum power absorbed at full load is specified in BS 971 CB with 2,000 watts and promises a powerful suction. At the same time, of course, an unnecessarily high power consumption goes hand in hand, and sooner or later the manufacturer is due to the upcoming EU-rich line it also need to change something. The dust collector of the BS 971 CB holds just 1.25 liters , making it one of the smallest in the test field. In vacuum cleaner bag, he does not rely here and consequential costs thus do not result. The container can easily be removed, emptied and washed with water. The wheels on the bottom are rubberized and thus also on hard floors such as parquet quiet running and especially gently to the ground.

The floor nozzle is very easily fall and can be changed by footswitch between carpet and hard floor operation. The adjustable telescopic tube is provided with a support for the attached slip-on which, however, only when parked proves useful. When sucking the parts fall from then unfortunately every now and then. The parts is a, quite wide crevice and upholstery. The cable has come with 6 meters quite short, but it fits the overall picture, because for large apartments or houses of BS 971 CB is certainly not intended. The performance can be electronically controlled at the device and also on the handle is a secondary air opening available . The cable storage is done automatically by pressing a button.

Test result – despite 2,000 watts rather weak

The savings rate of the BS 971 CB is the first time clear if the workmanship and quality of materials used look at.While a high-quality vacuum cleaner which can admittedly easily cost double, robust and high quality acts, the BS 971 CB, the opposite is the case. The outer skin is thin and you always have to fear that something breaks or tears.The floor nozzle is difficult for our taste a corner too easily because relaxed sucking is hardly possible. On the other hand must attest to that and do exactly these points the Bomann for Lightweight him so very handy.

The suction power is neat, considering the recorded 2,000 watts but also almost a bit disappointing. While hard floors hardly cause problems, the BS 971 CB reaches carpeting in fibers or hairs quickly reaches its limits . If you have pets or other haired roommate, so he is not the optimal choice. It is also to be mentioned that the full suction will be retrieved only with empty the dust container. Once some dirt was collected, also leaves the suction force to clear. The small container should therefore be regularly, preferably emptied after use.

This works fairly straightforward, even if a bag is changed naturally even easier. At full capacity, it is way too noisy to and the BS 971 CB roars mightily to himself. Due to the moderate suction power will also reduce the power is not really an alternative. Speaking of reduction, the secondary air controller on the handle is a little too light in our model and opens again unintentionally during operation. In contrast, the cable winder works powerfully and perfectly.

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Test result – in the price range there are better

For the dorm room of Bomann BS 971 CB is safe enough, but also in the 60-Euro class there are better alternatives.The Grundig VCC 4950 about is hardly more expensive, the Boman but superior in all areas.

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