The best reviews 2017 / Bogacare UBO0493 dog shampoo test

Bogacare UBO0493 dog shampoo test

Technical characteristics

Suitable for dog shampoo for fleas, mites, and ticks
filling quantity 200 ml
ingredients with Margosa, chaste tree and lemon eucalyptus oil
available free of fragrances
available free of dyes
for dry skin available
feature with nurturing pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) and vitamin E. suitable for all breeds and all fur and skin types


  • effective
  • easy-to-use
  • good benefits
  • perfect for a shiny coat


  • little

dogs are loyal companions, acting always in the sense of their master or mistress. Of course it is the masters and mistresses then also their animals to care for. The dogs to handle but also with their animals, these animals should maintain from time to time and maintain with a good dog shampoo. The Bogacare dog shampoo is suitable especially for dogs that are small, but still have a longer coat. The shampoo is easy to use and is also as good as it is on the packaging. However, it applies also to know how the fur of the animal must be maintained and what note is just to wash the animal with such a shampoo. Because when a good shampoo is especially true that this must be very well applied.

The fertility

a major disadvantage here is the yield. Of course, it’s so that this can be frothed well with this shampoo. The animal can be bathed several times with this shampoo. But it is important that the shampoo should be used also correctly. The shampoo must be closed again. Because it is a liquid and can then leak. The user should also keep the shampoo out of reach of the animals and children. Thus, he can make sure that no children are viewing this shampoo as a toy. The shampoo is great and will make the coat also nice shine. The user should overdo it but not too much and not too often wash the animal.

Against small animals

dogs are often plagued by fleas or mites also. Now the owner also should make sure that his animal unnecessary itches. If the animal is suffering, it can happen very often. Therefore, always this shampoo for fleas or mites also should be used. Many owners pull does not consider the animal to wash it or to buy this shampoo. It is very cheap and therefore also the mistaken belief may arise that there is therefore not much good. The purpose of the shampoo is especially the correct application and also use. Only in this way can it work correctly and will be helpful for the animal. It should itch is when the buyer has used it.

Active ingredients

the ingredients or contents are always good to handle. The animal is also well tolerated them. Should by this shampoo a symptom or more worsen, then the user should wash out the shampoo and also no longer use. The shampoo may be only good. In the shampoo, there are several components, which reflect positively on the fur. So especially provitamin B5 to and vitamin E. Also the other components are always well received by the fur of the animal. The animal will feel more comfortable, if it has been washed with shampoo and the owner can enjoy immediately because that his fur is much better. The shampoo is suitable for many kinds of animals. The skin is well tolerated the shampoo. Seek professional help who does not know how the animal must properly be bathed, should be

safe in handling

The animal can only benefit from the shampoo, if it is used correctly by the first time on. The animal will quickly thank because it no longer suffers from fleas and other critters. Thus, even ticks can be countered. Therefore, the use of such shampoos worth. It can be ordered quickly and easily and quickly manages the supply. The user will quickly benefit from the shampoo.


The fur of the dog can shine well only with a good shampoo. The user will like to use this shampoo and also do not want to miss. Is already after the first treatment the animal thus really clean. The application itself can perform well and easily. The user can and will do something good for his animal with this shampoo. It is a pleasure to observe the animal care with this shampoo. The animal will love it and feel immediately comfortable. Thanks to the shampoo, the everyday life with the dog is better.

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