The best steam cleaners 2016 / Bestron DWJ5280 – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

Bestron DWJ5280 – Comparison Test • Steam Cleaners

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (2.17)
Operation / handling (30%)
GOOD (1.84)
Power (25%)
GOOD (1.55)
Equipment (25%)
GOOD (2.00)
Security (10%)
GOOD (2.10)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Multistage steam regulation
    • High maximum pressure
    • Large water tank


    • Small radius of action
    • Long warm-up time

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 5 Kg
  • Power: 1500 Watt
  • Max. Steam pressure: 4 bar
  • Water tank capacity: 1.5 liters
  • Cable length: 2.45 meters
  • Range: 6 meters
  • Warm-up time: 12 minutes
  • Integrated accessory compartment
  • Steam flow control: the handle
  • childlock
  • Steam strength selection: stepless
  • floor nozzle
  • floor cloth
  • Detail nozzle
  • Number round brush heads: 2
  • window Washer
  • Park system
  • Manufacturer: Bestron
  • Instruction manual: –


  • 2-chamber system
  • release
  • Hand tool
  • Iron
  • Iron connection
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 2:17
Weight (Kg) 5 Kg  37.50
radius 6 meters  8:00 pm
2-chamber system  –   00:00
Steam regulation handle  50.00
Steam power selection infinitely variable 100.00
Total points 207.50 (500)
power 25% Note 1.84
power 1500 Watt  22:22
Max. Steam pressure 4 bar  88.24
Water tank capacity 1.5 liters 100.00
Heating time 12 minutes  20.69
Total points 231.15 (400)
equipment 25% Note 1:55
Integrated accessory compartment  + 100.00
floor nozzle  + 100.00
floor cloth  + 100.00
Detail nozzle  + 100.00
Hand tool  –   00:00
Number round brush attachments 2 100.00
window Washer  + 100.00
Park system  + 100.00
Iron  –   00:00
Iron connection  –   00:00
instruction manual 100.00
Total points 800.00 (1100)
safety 10% Note 2:00
childlock  + 100.00
release  –   00:00
Total points 100.00 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 2:10
Amazon valuation 3.9  45.00
Total points  45.00 (100)
Properties without rating
cable length

The steam cleaner DWJ5280 the Bestron brand from the Dutch Hertogenbosch offers a powerful steam cleaner for indoor and outdoor use. Read here first about the features of DWJ5280:

    • With a heat output of 1500 watts and a vapor pressure of 4 bar the conditions for a powerful cleaning of hard floors, toilets, sinks, etc. are created.
    • The DWJ5280 is a one-chamber system equipped, ie with him, the boiler is also the water tank. This holds 1.5 liters of water and needs to heat a maximum of 12 minutes . To fill a measuring cup and a funnel are included. The manual recommends that you always use distilled water in order to save yourself the hassle of descaling the water tank / boiler.
    • Below the ON / OFF switch has two indicator lights : the left serves as the “Power” indicator (red, is also used to display the state of “water tank empty”), the right (Orange) as a vapor pilot light.
    • With the steam switch on the handle to regulate the amount of steam. Also on the handle is the child lock, which locks the steam switch if necessary.
    • The released amount of steam is determined continuously on the steam switch on this unit. Depending on how strongly you press this button, more or less vapor is discharged.
  • Facilities include also the following accessories :
    • the window wiper for cleaning large areas of glass (windows and mirrors)
    • a jet nozzle (in the user manual referred to as “transition piece”), on the front, the round brush and bent nozzle can be placed,
    • the two extension tubes for the components together give the steam hose and the extension cable a radius of 6 meters,
    • the floor nozzle incl. Floor cloths.

Delivery Accessories Steam Cleaners

The delivery of the accessories Bestron DWJ5280:

extension tubes, various nozzles, a window wiper and a measuring cup for filling of water are included.

In the manual of DWJ5280 everything is summarized clearly and understand what you need to know for the handling of this steam cleaner.

    • The attachment of the components is done relatively easy as all parts via a locking mechanism feature. You press the part with the locking lug in the corresponding hole and waits until it “clicks”. To Unlock you just have to press on the tab of and pull out the accessory again.
    • After attaching the accessories filling the boiler with water and pressed the on / off switch . The DWJ5280 begins immediately with the heating process , the approximately 12 minutes takes, and shows this state by the lighting of the two indicator lights on. If the heating process ends, the lights go out again. During cleaning work, the steam indicator light will shine from time to time, which is quite normal because the device often in between heats to maintain the pressure in the boiler stable.
    • The steam regulation occurs, as mentioned above, via the steam switch on the handle. Moreover, you can also the DWJ5280 for permanent steam delivery use without pressing the steam button all the time. For this purpose is given to the lock (child safety) to “off / lock” and can then operate continuously with steam.
    • The refilling with water is somewhat more complicated than in a two-chamber system. The red power indicator light is used to point out to the user during the operation that the tank / boiler is empty and water needs to be replenished. For this purpose, the device at the on / off switch must be turned off anschießend should be allowed to cool for 5 minutes.Only then (!) You press briefly the steam button to release the remaining steam. Now simply fill the tank again and continue working.
  • Another word for descaling : one uses ordinary tap water, so regular descaling is necessary. For this one can use commercially available descaler or flush the tank with a solution of water and vinegar (75% water + 25% pure, white vinegar) once.


Be careful when cleaning glass surfaces with the window wiper: despite the terry coating caution is needed, a small distance from the glass surface can not hurt!


The electrical output of the steam cleaner is 1500 watts , the vapor pressure of 4 bar . The actual energy consumption depends on the selected steam level and the votes per unit amount of steam. The Bestron steam cleaner has a generous water tank with 1.5 liter capacity. Its electric power is 1,500 watts, he developed a steam pressure of up to 4 bar.

Bestron DWJ5280


The Bestron DWJ5280 has – compared to other steam cleaners – relatively long heating time . 12 minutes

also refilling with water is somewhat time consuming , but that is all 1-chamber systems such as these always need some time to cool down.

We brief the essential characteristics of the device together:

  • Boiler / water tank: 1.5 liters,
  • Vapour pressure 4 bar
  • electric power 1500 Watt,
  • Steam stages regulation on steam lever,
  • Indicator lights for heating and water level,
  • lots of accessories: Detail nozzle, floor nozzle, steam gun, window wiper
  • easy descaling.

Here again follow all the information and the test score for steam cleaner model Bestron DWJ5280:

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