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Berstsafe Gymnastic Ball

Berstsafe Gymnastic Ball


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Test report: Berstsicherer Gymnastikball

The gymnastic ball from Trenas is very multifunctional. It can also be used as a fitness ball and a seatball. Due to the versatility of the ball, a large number of target groups can be considered. This means that children, adults and the elderly can use the ball. 

What are the advantages of a gymnastics ball?

A variety of people can use the ball. Because the ball is completely independent of size, age and weight. The ball can be purchased in many different sizes depending on your needs and wishes.

The ball can be pumped with the supplied pump, so you can freely decide how fast it should be. Also, you can experiment so much, because at any time air can be left pure but also. It can be customized. His biggest advantage is that the ball is burst proof, which means he can not burst. Even with greater weight or higher stress, the use is safe. Very good at the ball is also that the color was kept very discreet, as most of them are rather bright colors and are very striking.


For what can the ball be used exactly?

Most use the ball as a seat. As this relieves the spine and thus back pain is avoided. But first and foremost he is a gymnastics ball. Many exercises can be carried out on him. Since he is soft and so gives his muscles and joints. Also to strengthen the fitness, the ball can be used. As body coordination and conditioning is increased depending on the exercise.


How does the ball behave in practice?

After the delivery can be done immediately with ball. It does not need any special preparation to use the ball. With the supplied pump, it must be pumped up and the valves must be properly closed. Even after prolonged use you have no trouble with the ball. If, after some time, it has obtained a different degree of strength (heat or cold), this can be easily corrected.


What exercises can be performed on the gymnastics ball?

First and foremost, gymnastics balls are made for the back and buttocks musculature. This means simply laying flat with the belly on the ball and trying to balance the balance. Here, of course, you can vary, for example, if one stretches only one leg or only the arms. This is entirely due to the abilities and the already existing musculature. Another exercise may be to sit with your back against the wall and perform squats. It is important to move the ball loosely up and down.


Conclusion guy
The ball is great for private as well as business use. At home, he can improve fitness and save his back in offices. It is super-processed and versatile. The handling of the ball is very simple and can be used by young and old. Also with the quality one does not have to worry, since it was processed well and high-quality. Another plus of the ball is that it can be stowed well. If you do not have time, you can simply vent the air through the valves.

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