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Beko WML 51231 E – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.73)
Operation / handling (30%)
GOOD (1.50)
Security (20%)
GOOD (1:58)
Power / EU characteristics (35%)
GOOD (2:07)
Programs (5%)
GOOD (1.80)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Low water consumption
    • Centrifugal efficiency class B
    • childlock
    • Water protection system
    • automatic load


    • No switch

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 62 kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Annual energy consumption: 158 kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 7260 liters
  • Spin efficiency class: B
  • Airborne acoustical noise in washing: 58 dB (A)
  • Airborne acoustical noise during spinning: 74 dB (A)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1200 U / min
  • Residual moisture in percent: 53%
  • Installation Type: Freist./Unterbau
  • Load: 5 Kg
  • Start time delay
  • automatic load
  • Time remaining indicator
  • balance control
  • Number of programs: 11
  • Number of additional functions: 3
  • childlock
  • AquaStop
  • Operating Instructions: ++
  • Manufacturer: Beko


  • Loading sensor / display
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • lockout
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 1.73
Maximum spin speed 1200 rev / min  42.86
Loading sensor / display  –   00:00
Start time delay  + 100.00
automatic load  + 100.00
Pet Hair Removal  –   00:00
Time remaining indicator  + 100.00
instruction manual ++ 100.00
Total points 442.86 (700)
safety 20% Note 1:50
childlock  + 100.00
balance control  + 100.00
lockout  –   00:00
AquaStop  + 100.00
Total points 300.00 (400)
Power / EU characteristics 35% Note 1:58
Energy efficiency class A +  66.67
Annual electricity consumption 158 kWh  81.42
Annual water consumption 7260 liters  99.12
Centrifugal efficiency class B  83.33
Airborne acoustical noise in washing 58 dB (A)  54.55
Airborne acoustical noise during the spin cycle 74 dB (A) 100.00
Residual moisture in percent 53%  57.14
loading 5 Kg  25.00
Total points 567.23 (800)
programs 5% Note 2:07
number of programs 11  50.00
Number of additional functions 3  42.86
Total points  92.86 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.80
Amazon valuation 4.2  60.00
Total points  60.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Weight (Kg)
installation type

The manufacturer Beko has long been a major player in the industry, and thus has the Beko WML 51231 E Several practical functions and features. In addition to 11 washing programs , including wool and gentle washes, include further components to the device, allowing an energy efficiency class A + classification.

The features of WML 51231 Beko:

  • It concerns with the Beko WML 51231 E is a freestanding washing machine with a maximum payload of 5 kg and an integrated balance control . Even with heavy, or not balanced loading smooth operation is possible.
  • The centrifugal efficiency class B, as measured by the household standard volume of annual launderings. In spin mode, the Beko washing achieves an output of 1200 rev / min and a residual moisture content of 53% .
  • A total of 11 washing functions , as well as 3 additional programs to choose from. Among these programs for wool, cotton items and gentle washes.
  • The airborne noise is in the wash mode 58 dB (A) and in spin mode 74 dB (A) . These values are relatively low, which is another advantage of the Beko WML 51231 E and also enables use in the kitchen or other busier areas.
  • Also integrated is a starting time automatic , a remaining time display and an automatic load . The latter feature provides an effective water use and reduced water consumption during operation.

Beko washing WML 51231 E

The Beko WML 51231 permits maximum load of 5 kg.

An automatic load ensures a sustainable water use based on the current load.

Through its numerous features, the Beko WML 51231 E has a more than balanced functionality and is versatile for its purpose.The operation for each function is carried out either, unless it is automatic functions automatically and without direct influence of the user, or by using the function keys and rotary.

  • The rotary knob allows for direct adjustment of the desired washing function and the water temperature. Classically all important functions are integrated here and can be selected with a simple turn of the wheel.
  • The function keys are divided into a start and an opening button for the machine. Furthermore, the display, and additional functions can be controlled via a separate function keypad.

The display of the Beko WML 51231 E provides a practical overview of the remaining term, the current water temperature and, when activated, the start time automatic, over time until the next start of the machine. It is kept clear and all the major controls are available with just a glance. In case of faults, the display is the first opportunity for any trouble detect and locate. Just in case corresponding warnings are displayed.

The Beko WML 51231 E has, in addition to the surge protector, a AquaStop function . This feature is very convenient because it allows for an overflow of the machine is practically prevented. They will enter into force as soon as the water level in the unit exceeds a certain limit.

If the machine is turned off, for example, and then put back into operation due to a power interruption, the Aqua Stop function prevents the further supply of water. This is done with the aid of a valve on the water connection . So you have to make as a user even when switched off the machine not worry about flooding in the operating room because the valve blocks the water supply in this case completely.

In addition, one is Parental Control in the Beko WML 51231 E integrated. If it is turned on, this feature prevents a change in the current program parameters, it can also be selected no other program.

The performance of Beko WML 51231 E in the overview:

  • Annual water consumption of 7260 liters at normal and average use
  • Centrifugal efficiency class B (A = highest efficiency, G = lowest efficiency)
  • Maximum <> 1200 rev / min in the spin cycle
  • Energy efficiency class A + (A +++ = highest efficiency, D = lowest efficiency)
  • Annual electricity consumption of 158 kWh at normal and average use
  • Aqua Stop and controlled water consumption

EU energy label Beko WML 51231 E

The EU energy label has not only the energy efficiency class of more important performance.

You can find it, among other things, the annual water consumption, the max. Loading, centrifugal efficiency class and the measured acoustic emission values.

Apart from the usual functions for cotton items Beko WML 51231 E has a number of other features. These include a function forhand wash and wool , a save feature for silk and especially sensitive textiles, as well as the possibility the spin speed to dose according to your own needs and desires.

When choosing the water temperature are between 20 degrees and 90 degrees Celsius all values in difference steps of 10 degrees to choose from.

With the help of washing borrowing , which is divided into two different subjects, different detergents may be used in a wash cycle. For example, fabric softeners and the normal detergents may be used in one wash cycle, corresponding functions must then be selected and activated via the control system. Here also there are different features to choose from, including theadditional supply of fabric softeners and other laundry detergents.

The strength of the spin program can also be set via the function keys, in which case a minimum 600 r / min are possible. This allows for example the spin of woolen clothing and other sensitive textiles.

With a maximum load of 5 kg , the Beko WML 51231 E is for single households or two-person households suitable.

The spin speed is at a maximum value of 1200 U / min in the lower range of the scale of all the devices of our comparison chartsettled.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of the Beko washing WML 51231 E together:

  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • 11 wash programs
  • 3 Additional Functions
  • to 5 Kg load
  • childlock
  • balance control
  • AquaStop

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