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Beko WML 15106 NE – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (2:39)
Operation / handling (30%)
Security (20%)
GOOD (1.83)
Power / EU characteristics (35%)
GOOD (2.10)
Programs (5%)
GOOD (1.80)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • 15 wash programs
    • Detailed instruction manual
    • automatic load
    • Moderate water consumption


    • Low spin speed
    • No delay start
    • None Parental Control

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 55 kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A +
  • Annual energy consumption: 168 kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 9900 liters
  • Spin efficiency class: C
  • Airborne acoustical noise in washing: 61 dB (A)
  • Airborne acoustical noise during spinning: 77 dB (A)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1000 U / min
  • Residual moisture in percent: 62%
  • Installation Type: Freestanding
  • Load: 5 Kg
  • automatic load
  • balance control
  • Number of programs: 15
  • Number of additional functions: 0
  • Operating Instructions: ++
  • Manufacturer: Beko


  • Loading sensor / display
  • Start time delay
  • Pet Hair Removal
  • Time remaining indicator
  • childlock
  • lockout
  • AquaStop
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 2:39
Maximum spin speed 1000 U / min  14:29
Loading sensor / display  –   00:00
Start time delay  –   00:00
automatic load  + 100.00
Pet Hair Removal  –   00:00
Time remaining indicator  –   00:00
instruction manual ++ 100.00
Total points 214.29 (700)
safety 20% Note 2:50
childlock  –   00:00
balance control  + 100.00
lockout  –   00:00
AquaStop  –   00:00
Total points 100.00 (400)
Power / EU characteristics 35% Note 1.83
Energy efficiency class A + 100.00
Annual electricity consumption 168 kWh  72.57
Annual water consumption 9900 liters  60.29
Centrifugal efficiency class C  83.33
Airborne acoustical noise in washing 61 dB (A)  40.91
Airborne acoustical noise during the spin cycle 77 dB (A)  72.73
Residual moisture in percent 62%  14:29
loading 5 Kg  25.00
Total points 469.12 (800)
programs 5% Note 2:10
number of programs 15  90.00
Number of additional functions 0   00:00
Total points  90.00 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 1.80
Amazon valuation 4.2  60.00
Total points  60.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Weight (Kg)
installation type

Thanks to the practical program sequence display all programs of Beko WML 15126 NE are manageable. During a washing process you will be informed about the process, the laundry is currently undergoing. After the washing process, it is possible to spin the laundry up to a maximum of 1000 revolutions.

Individually selectable functions are the pumping and spin . If it is linen, which should not be spin, there is the option to pump separately after the last clear rinsing water. Also for hand wash from the sink itself offers the possibility to flush them out in this washing machine with clean water.
Beko WML 15106 NE

The front load washer Beko WM 15106 NE can be loaded with dirty laundry up to a total weight of 5 Kg.

15 different washing programs are available.

The Beko WML 15106 NE is equipped with an automatic unbalance control system and a water protection system fitted. One can therefore safely washing machine run without supervision.

Since this machine on any additional child safety features, it is not really suitable for households with small children.

The washing machine Beko has a Device dimensions of 84 x 60 x 45 centimeters and thus takes only little space a. There is a front loading, it is possible easily to push the machine, for example, under a high shelf. Since this machine only 60 kg weighs, they can also be placed on a wooden floor.

Since the WML 15106 NE the energy efficiency class A + has, their energy consumption is manageable. In a fully loaded washing drum and the program 60 degree wash a consumption of 0.855 kWh produced. If you want to clean dirty laundry very little and the program selects 40 degrees, the machine consumes 0,564 kWh.

The average water consumption is 45 liters. This means that at a normal volume of dirty clothing in circa 9900 liters of water are consumed.

During the washing process a was airborne noise of 62 dB (A) measured during the spin cycle, the value increases to 77 dB (A).Average Beko runs about two hours until you can take the laundry from the drum.
EU energy label Beko WML 51231 E

The EU energy label has not only the energy efficiency class of more important performance.

You can find it, among other things, the annual water consumption, the max. Loading, centrifugal efficiency class and the measured acoustic emission values.

The programs of this machine are distinguished by their clear and simple design from. Well known and approved programs are adjusted quickly. Colored and whites can be washed at 60 and 90 degrees. One can for all programs prewash choose.

If the laundry is lightly soiled, it is best to use the program 40 degrees. For more delicate fabrics, the washing machine offers cold wash program . For garments that should be cleaned only with hand wash, two 30 degree programs available. At 40 degrees you can wash wool and various other knitwear.

For singles, the program is Mini 30 interesting. Eco-programs are available for coloreds available. Due to shorter maturities they use less water and electricity. You can choose between Eco 40 degrees and Eco 60 degrees Select.

The Beko WML 15106 NE is a device that is very easy to use. One can find all the important programs that are needed in everyday life, at first.

With only 1,000 r / min which is speed during spin unconvincing. The impossibility of a freely selectable start time set is to be regarded as a minus point.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of the Beko washing WML 15106 NE together:

  • Energy efficiency class A +
  • 5 kg loading capacity
  • balance control
  • Mini 30 program
  • automatic load
  • Detailed user manual
  • 15 wash programs
  • Moderate water consumption

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