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Test report: BBQ JOE Holzkohle

The BBQ JOE charcoal is Best American Quebracho Blanco Steakhouse charcoal, in a bag of 15 Kg. Otherwise, the manufacturer waives all the details, which means that the customer is left alone. But from the customer tests, some details can be given here. The BBQ JOE charcoal is made from the tree Quebracho, which grows in Argentina.The pieces are uniformly large, which burns them even more evenly than any conventional charcoal. The at least a tester has described, but this has done much more. Because he has the BBQ JOE charcoal also at the same time with other charcoal made from beech wood and then compared the well-known barbecue briquettes. Here then the first customer, which can then lead a comparison.


The first impression was positive

The lighting then went very well with all three varieties, but then came the actual test. How long does charcoal or briquettes keep heat? Here the BBQ JOE charcoal was decidedly at the front, because even after 2 hours could be grilled here undisturbed. The other two had long since adopted goodbye, with which they had then clearly lost.

So the tester gave the full score, and there were also testers who were not satisfied at all. Some lamented very small pieces, so fragments and others felt that the BBQ JOE charcoal had influenced the taste of the food. Of course this can be, because it is not for nothing that it is charcoal, so also wood has its own taste.


Price and performance

Here, the testers agreed, for 15 kg the price is already acceptable. Of course, there were also concerns, just because the BBQ JOE charcoal is not made just around the corner. But with the long-lasting heat these were then pushed aside. This is the reason why the BBQ JOE charcoal is still very productive, which in turn reduces the price. In this point, the BBQ JOE charcoal was able to score full, although there was, of course, a taste for one or the other tester. So the BBQ JOE charcoal came then to 3.6 of 5 points, so some prints were not really understandable. Most deficiencies with the BBQ JOE charcoal were the wood pieces, because there were different packaging.

Some of them did not have the same size pieces, but also very many small ones, which of course do not burn long. With a customer the packaging was torn and quickly glued again, which of course led to a point deduction. However, this had nothing to do with the performance, but simply with it, if not some pieces had fallen out. The customer did not weigh the BBQ JOE charcoal, because he wanted to grill quickly.


Conclusion guy
The testers agreed this time only at the price, which is quite surprising. But the majority was very satisfied with the BBQ JOE charcoal, especially this, as long as hot. This is not the case with normal charcoal or briquettes, as this often leaves after half an hour. So even larger pieces could be grilled, without having to re-grill the grill.Therefore the BBQ JOE charcoal got the highest score in this area. Thus the majority of the testers also made a clear purchase recommendation, even those who were dissatisfied with the taste. So the BBQ JOE charcoal can be recommended with a calm conscience, especially if it is to be grilled longer. Because of this the BBQ JOE charcoal is much longer lasting, than all other common varieties in Germany.

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