The best washing machines & dryers 2016 / Bauknecht WA PLUS 744 – Comparison Test

Bauknecht WA PLUS 744 – Comparison Test

Class Evaluation (% share overall score)

GOOD (1.65)
Operation / handling (30%)
VERY GOOD (1.00)
Security (20%)
GOOD (1.56)
Power / EU characteristics (35%)
VERY GOOD (1:34)
Programs (5%)
GOOD (2.10)
Amazon data (10%)

advantages and disadvantages

Plus points

    • Energy efficiency class A +++
    • Centrifugal efficiency class B
    • Multiple water protection
    • Start time delay
    • childlock
    • lockout


    • No

Functions / Features

  • Weight (kg): 69 kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A +++
  • Annual energy consumption: 171 kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 9200 liters
  • Spin efficiency class: B
  • Airborne acoustical noise in washing: 58 dB (A)
  • Airborne acoustical noise during spinning: 78 dB (A)
  • Maximum spin speed: 1400 U / min
  • Residual moisture in percent: 53%
  • Installation Type: Freist./Unterbau
  • Load: 7 Kg
  • Start time delay
  • automatic load
  • Time remaining indicator
  • balance control
  • Number of programs: 14
  • Number of additional functions: 6
  • childlock
  • lockout
  • AquaStop
  • Operating Instructions: ++
  • Manufacturer: Bauknecht


  • Loading sensor / display
  • Pet Hair Removal
category A Total Score Score / points
Operation / handling 30% Note 1.65
Maximum spin speed 1400 rev / min  71.43
Loading sensor / display  –   00:00
Start time delay  + 100.00
automatic load  + 100.00
Pet Hair Removal  –   00:00
Time remaining indicator  + 100.00
instruction manual ++ 100.00
Total points 471.43 (700)
safety 20% Note 1:00
childlock  + 100.00
balance control  + 100.00
lockout  + 100.00
AquaStop  + 100.00
Total points 400.00 (400)
Power / EU characteristics 35% Note 1:56
Energy efficiency class A +++ 100.00
Annual electricity consumption 171 kWh  69.91
Annual water consumption 9200 liters  70.59
Centrifugal efficiency class B  83.33
Airborne acoustical noise in washing 58 dB (A)  54.55
Airborne acoustical noise during the spin cycle 78 dB (A)  63.64
Residual moisture in percent 53%  57.14
loading 7 Kg  75.00
Total points 574.16 (800)
programs 5% Note 1:34
number of programs 14  80.00
Number of additional functions 6  85.71
Total points 165.71 (200)
Amazon data 10% Note 2:10
Amazon valuation 3.9  45.00
Total points  45.00 (100)
Properties without rating
Weight (Kg)
installation type

The operation of Bauknecht WA PLUS 744 is pleasingly simple . It only has to turn up the water and washing powder are introduced. Previously, only the laundry is placed in the washing drum and selected the right program. The machine can easily be started by the start button.

The detergent drawer is easily accessible, since it is attached directly to the front of the machine. There are extra Dosierfächer prewash, the softener and the main course. To clean the drawer can be easily removed and cleaned easily. Thus, adhesive residues from the powder or the softener are easily removable.
detergent drawer

Easily accessible and easy to clean: the drawer of Bauknecht WA Plus 744.

It has separate compartments for prewash, softener and main course.

The drum door is easily accessible and open. Through the door, the laundry can be easily inserted. When the door after loading the machine was not closed properly, an LED lamp lights up. In addition, the machine can then not be started. After correctly closing the door and the program start properly.

A special technical feature of the machine is that it is a quarter of an hour after the end of the program entirely off independently . If one is not present during the program end, turn off the machine, this can be a practical advantage.

Another advantage is the intensive spin performance of Bauknecht WA PLUS 744. The drying time of the washed and spun laundry faster than usual to an appreciable period. If the clothes are dried in a dryer, it will dry faster and the power consumption is reduced accordingly.

Finally, the washing machine has another advantage: the remaining washing time is a LED display indicated. A scheduling is therefore easily possible, especially if you do not have the machine all the time at a glance.

  • Large load volume,
  • economical consumption of electricity and water,
  • user-friendly,
  • different programs can be selected,
  • German brand quality.

Bauknecht WA Plus 744 has a multiple water protection prevented and also a further assurance that unwanted leaks. Through a coated metal hook the door of the drum is sealed and stabilized.

The security features of the WA Plus 744 in brief:

  • The multiple water protection plus system provides protection against water damage. There is a so-called tube-in-tube system. Through a mechanical safety valve on the threaded hose to the tap extra security is offered.
  • An accidental activation prevents unintentional switching on the washing machine.
  • The balance control is blocked if necessary the centrifugal phase, thus preventing possible damage to the washing machine.
  • A special child safety protects the machine against accidental setting change during the running wash program.

The machine falls into the centrifugal efficiency class B , as it has a maximum spin speed of the standard range of 1,400 U / minachieved. The operation in the apartment is possible without problems because the noise emissions low is.

Bauknecht WA Plus 744 is in the energy efficiency class A +++ classified. This class is the best class in this area, which can be achieved for the power-saving operation. The energy efficiency class A +++ provides comprehensive energy conservation, without compromising the wash results. In addition, this is a important contribution to environmental protection.
Front loaders Bauknecht WA Plus 744

Optimum energy yield: Bauknecht WA Plus 744 has with A +++ is currently the best energy rating.

The washing drum can be loaded up to 7 kg.

The drum of the washing machine of this loader, via a automatic drum positioning features, has a capacity of up to 7 kg .Through a simple 2in1 multifunction display all programs and settings are displayed. The Bauknecht washing machine is quiet in operation, because they have a additional noise reduction features.

The performance of the machine at a glance:

  • Capacity: 7 kg
  • Energy efficiency class: A +++
  • Energy usage per year: 171 kWh
  • Annual water consumption: 9200 l
  • Spin efficiency class: B
  • Spin speed: 1400 U / min
  • Moisture content of the residual moisture: 53 percent
  • Noise during the washing operation: 58 dB
  • the spin operation: 78 dB

The washing machine washes of easy-care wash wool, of whites to dark textile many laundry places. The front loader WA Plus 744 namely offers 14 programs , with each type of laundry can be washed.

With extra gentle wash motions shirts and blouses are the easy-care program wash. By contrast, there is correspondingly more intense programs for cotton items, which is thus properly washed clean.

Short courses which a short by washing for 15 minutes provide when required, are available as Express program available. This is especially important if slightly soiled garments to be refreshed.

The built-in automatic load ensures that the wash performance adjusts to the loading of the washing machine. Depending on the weight which is in the wash drum, the laundry detergent, fabric softener and supplying the water dimensioned.

Bauknecht WA Plus 744 - panel

The control panel of the WA Plus 744 is clearly designed and largely self-explanatory.

Useful information for the current cycle are displayed on the LCD.

The program for the wool washed wool laundry soft and gentle clean. The wool treatment program has been certified by the brand Woolmark. It is washed with a modern wool swing and the movements of the drum are reduced.

The fibers are washed, although thoroughly, but the tissue while sparing and not overused.

Slightly soiled laundry is washed gently but sustained thanks to the reliable AquaEco program. This program uses up to 50 percent less water than a standard program of Bauknecht washing machine 3 kg load.

The jeans program is especially suitable for denim fabrics and fabrics made of thick cotton. It is the gentle care when washing, the colors are maintained simultaneously. The favorite jeans can be maintained carefully with this washing machine and a lot of joy for years.

This program is specifically adapted to maintain black and dark laundry and to wash very gently. The items of laundry are washed by this program as gently and the fading is counteracted. Black textiles can still look like new after years hence.

  • Standard programs: prewash, pumping, white linen, black and dark, bright colors, whites, coloreds, easy-care wash, delicate wash, rinse and spin
  • Special programs: short, jeans, wool, hand wash, mix wash
  • Program Options: SMART SELECT
  • Other add-ons: BaumwolleEco, AquaEco
  • Special program 15 ‘: fast laundry can be washed in just 15 minutes. The quick wash function much time can be saved.The laundry is washed in only 15 minutes clean.

The WA Plus 744 from Bauknecht offers compelling security features and a sophisticated operation.

During spinning, it is not quite so quiet . Therefore recommended as the site of the cellar or at least the front door should be closed during the spinning process.

We summarize briefly the essential characteristics of Bauknecht washing machine WA PLUS 744 together:

  • Energy efficiency class A +++
  • 14 wash programs
  • 6 Additional functions
  • to 7 Kg load
  • childlock
  • balance control
  • lockout
  • AquaStop

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