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Barbarian Line Multigrip Pull-up bar

Barbarian Line Multigrip Pull-up bar

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Test report: Barbarian Line Multigrip Klimmzugstange

The Barbarian-Line Multigrip pull bar is best suited for ceiling and wall mounting. It is also important that this bar is also approved for use in the studio. The rod is certified according to EN 957. It is finally a torsion-resistant, massive steel construction weighing about 15 kilograms. This pull-up bar from the manufacturer results in very extensive exercise possibilities and there are also variable handle possibilities.

The pull bar is specially knotted and knurled and even loadable up to a weight of 200 kilograms. The color of the bar is black and the construction is very compact. Regarding the measurements it can be said that the pull bar has a width of 110 centimeters.

The height of the wall mounting is 37 centimeters, the height of the ceiling mounting is 62 centimeters, the depth of the wall mounting is 53 centimeters and the depth of the ceiling mounting is 27 centimeters. The weight of the pull bar is about 15 kilograms and the load capacity is just 200 kilograms.


What is to be observed with the Barbarian Line pull bar?

It is generally important that the products of Barbarian-Line have always been designed for home use. Nevertheless, it must also be said in addition to the devices that they can also meet professional requirements. The product line includes several pull bars, and each can discover a suitable model from the manufacturer.

This is about the Barbarian-Line Multigrip pull-up bar. Already the first impression is often decisive today. To the pull bar, it must be said that this is something martial. It is a black steel construction, which is massive and already weighs already 15 kilograms and is therefore very stable. It is one of the few tested pull bars that meet the EN957 standard and is therefore also approved for use within the gym.

It can already be quickly recognized that this is a high-quality pull-bar. With a total of 200 kg, the maximum weight is indicated by the pull bar. It is true that some other pull-down bars even keep the total load up to 350 kilograms, but for most of the demands, the pull bar is certainly sufficient.


The assembly and training at the pull bar

If the Barbarian-Line Multigrip pull bar is mounted, then there is also a special feature, which comes to wear. This rod is suitable for mounting on the wall and also for mounting on the ceiling. It is practical that one always remains flexible during the installation even after the move to the other flat. Regardless of which attachment is chosen at the end, the pull bar is always fitted with four dowels and screws.

There is no mounting kit for the product and it can only be recommended that suitable dowels and screws for the ceiling or wall are purchased. If you want to do different exercises with the pull bar, you will find a lot of grips. There are also some handles for the training in the neutral handle next to the two parallel rods for the lower grip and upper grip pull-ups.

The rods are ribbed, so that there is also a better grip. If you decide to install the wall, you should know that the distance from the pull bar to the wall is positive. With 53 centimeters, the distance is somewhat wider than with many other pull-up bars and during the training is not constantly touching the wall.


Important information about the pull bar

This is a pull bar, which has a valuable and solid processing. Everything was designed to be rigid and massive in the pull bar. Overall, the paint layer was applied thickly and with the extensive packaging, the pull bar is damaged without damage.

Even after assembly, there is no unpleasant smell, no paint noses and the bar can be handled haptically. It is a real professional device that can last a lifetime. Through the many grips, all muscle parts can be trained.


Conclusion guyThe pull bar offers a priceless price and, of course, a proud device for the training is expected. The Multigrip pull bar by Barbarian-Line is very robust and offers many training possibilities. Thanks to the mounting options for walls and ceilings, everyone is also flexible after moving to the other apartment. It is the longevity of the product for a purchase for life.


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