The best reviews 2017 / Babymoov A057214 Knot baby towel

Babymoov A057214 Knot baby towel

Babymoov A057214 Knot baby towel


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The most comfortable and, most importantly, most natural way of taking a child is to wear it in a handkerchief. For this, Babymoov offers the knot baby towel, which can be used optimally for wearing from birth. An absolute degree of mobility is achieved by the five different traction options. In the newborn age, the infant can be worn comfortably in the lying position on the belly or on the breast of the mother.If the baby is somewhat older, it can hold the sitting position and be worn with the face to the wearer, or even away from the wearer, so as to be able to observe its environment better. The Babymoov baby towel is a knot and can be attached anywhere on the shoulders, hip or as a “backpack” on the back. The different types of knots offer the wearer a gentle wearing without straining the spine, while the baby maintains a natural posture while lying down or sitting. It remains mobile and can use its motor skills without restriction. The legs and hands remain free in the towel.

Natural digestion is also stimulated. The Babymoov A057214 Knot Baby Tray is a detailed guide for all possible knot techniques and is easy to carry out. Another advantage is the handkerchief also for breastfeeding mothers.

Unobserved and discreet, her baby can take his meal without being watched by curious spectators. For both the wearer and the baby, Babymoov’s baby towel convinces with its light yet robust material, which consists of a combination of cotton and linen. Breath-active inner material promises adequate ventilation even on warmer days.In addition to the practical carrying bag, a suitable baby carrier is included.

Babymoov offers a life-long manufacturing guarantee on its complete product range. After buying the Babymoov baby carrier, the buyer has the possibility to register within two months on the manufacturer website and activate the warranty extension in order to make full use of the guarantee.


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Lightweight yet robust materials support the child’s wearing in five different traction options. This offers convenience and comfort for mother and child and is worth the investment in any case. The tracery is quickly applied and promotes the proximity between the child and the supporting parent. Particularly advantageous is the gentle transport from the infant to the toddler to a weight of 18 kg.The baby is adapted to the natural postures, which is especially beneficial to physical development. The lifelong warranty given by Babymoov on all its products promises a high degree of quality and functionality.

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