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Test report: Gym Ball Pezzi Gymnastikball

Product Description Pezzi Gymnastikball

The original Pezzi gymnastics ball consists of highly elastic special plastic, which is absolutely resistant and resilient. With its seat height of 75cm and the individual adjustment of the pressure by the variable adjustable air volume, it can be used in all conceivable living areas. The Pezzi gymnastics ball is not only used in the home or in the office at work, but it is also very suitable for sports, from fitness to aerobics, and especially as an aid to therapy and rehabilitation. Due to its enormous load capacity up to 200 kg, the Pezzi Ball can also be used by heavyweight people and patients.


Use in everyday use

At the office or at home, the Pezzi gymnastics ball offers an alternating back-ward replacement for the office chair. The posture is changed during sitting on the ball and brings the spinal column into a body-appropriate position. However, the Pezzi Ball should not permanently function as an office or work chair because it lacks the stability and thus an increased risk of accidents.


Use in sports

The Pezzi gymnastics ball is found in many fitness exercises and especially the back training. It strengthens the musculature of the back, buttocks and abdomen. The reason for this is that the spine is kept straight during the gymnastics and the corresponding muscles are addressed and stressed better and more specifically.


Use in medicine

The Pezzi gymnastics ball is often used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation to rebuild the muscles and to stabilize and support the spine, eg after an accident or a long period of lying down.
As a recognized and tried and tested aid, the Pezzi Gymnastics Ball is also popular in obstetrics and during the preparation of the birth. Due to the possibility of sitting with spread legs, the birth paths help to open and to use the gravity better than in a lying position. In order to minimize the risk of accidents and, above all, to support and support the childbearing, it is very helpful if the partner is sitting or standing behind the deliverer during the birth process.


Advantages of the Pezzi gymnastics

+ Acts back problems contrary
+ to therapy by herniated discs or lumbago
+ prevents postural
+ straight posture of the spine
+ supports the muscles of the back, stomach and buttocks
+ daily stabilization training
+ training the deep muscles
+ helpful in obstetrics


Instructions for using the Pezzi gymnastics ball

+ Suitable for regular training
+ should not serve as a permanent seat
+ regulation of air pressure for various usages possible


Scope of supply Pezzi Gymnastikball

In addition to the 75cm Pezzi Gymnastikball in Red, the scope of delivery includes a detailed exercise manual and the corresponding anti-burst system.


Conclusion guy
The Pezzi Gymnastics Ball is an all-round talent, which can be used practically in everyday life, in medicine and in sport in many respects. However, it should not be used as a permanent workplace, but rather regularly for training and muscle stimulation as well as stabilizing the spine.

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