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Atika ASP 10 N wood splitter

Atika ASP 10 N wood splitter


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Test report: Atika ASP 10 N wood splitter


The ASP 10 N wood splitter is an electric wood splitter which occupies one of the foremost places. Compared to further wood splitters, Atika’s model is characterized by a good price, brand quality and performance. The wood is now no longer split with an ax, because this is OUT. Electric or petrol wood splitters are used today. Large quantities of wood can thus be processed reliably and also in a car-free manner. However, these are not the only advantages, because everything is also very fast. Thus, the ASP 10 N wood splitter from Atika is an ideal solution for private users and professional users.The firewood splitter from Atika is a hydraulic combi-electric splitter that is powerful and big. A total of 9.5 liters holds the tank for the hydraulic oil. The electric motor has an output of 4000 watts and the logs which have already been sawed can therefore be converted into a perfect log for the stove or chimney. No one has to split the wood by means of splitting ax and hand. At 0.05 m / s, the feed rate is from the Atika wood splitter and the return speed at 0.25 m / s. In the lifting column, the high return speed is very noticeable with the larger quantity of cleavage material, and this with the time saving.

The gap support is adjustable in 3 positions and offers a swivel table. The measurements are approximately 59 by 90 by 132.5 centimeters. The splitting cross is adjustable and is made of a measuring tool. In addition, the lifting height can also be adjusted infinitely. At 10 tons, the maximum gap pressure is from the wood splitter. The device is suitable for meter and short timber up to a maximum of 130 centimeters in length and the gap diameter should be at a maximum of 40 centimeters. The splitting stroke is a maximum of 51.5 centimeters and is adjustable.



The Atika ASP 10 N is very user-friendly and easy to use. The wooden splitter by Atika is very robust and heavy with a size of 53 by 153 by 58 centimeters and the weight of 175 kilograms. Despite the dimensions and the weight, the wood splitter can be moved relatively well. The large wheels are sure to contribute to this, as they allow fast and easy handling.



The workmanship is as usual from Atika very high-quality and also solid. Atika’s electric machine is a top priority. The two-hand operation is easy and on both sides there is a grip protection for the high safety during work. Safety is therefore absolutely given in the ASP 10 N electric wood splitter. The construction is stable and heavy and also ensures the very high stability. For additional safety, there is the switch-plug combination and also the emergency-off button.


The scope of delivery and the test result

The Atika firewood splitter has a lot in the scope of supply. Each buyer receives the instruction manual, the swing table, the hanging table and the crossbar. At the Stiftung Warentest the small bruiser was tested for 8 tons and this is the Atika ASP 8 N wood splitter. Already this firewood splitter got a good one and he convinced in the whole line. Already the little brother can handle well and he offers the highest splitting power. The big difference to the small brother is only the splitting pressure of 10 tons with the ASP 10 N wood splitter. It is often stated that the wood splitter is worth its price and that the price / performance ratio is absolutely right.


Performance and operation

At 4 kilowatts, the rated output is at 10 tons and the maximum gap pressure is. Compared to other wood splitters there are similar performance data, but due to the low intake level it can exceed the competition by about 25 centimeters at the maximum gap length. The equipment is located in the upper section, but this is also reflected in price and weight. It is the only device with the combination of detachable split table and swivel table. The splitting knife is only too short for thicker trunks.


Conclusion guy
Even if the weight is somewhat high, the wood splitter can still be moved relatively well. The high return speed is noticeable with larger amounts of cleavage material. The advantage, however, is hardly affected by the splitting of timber, since the lower receiving plane is probably less used. The user-friendliness can not be suspended. The opinions and experiences of the end customers speak for the purchase. The workmanship is good and the woodspot results are fast and good. The engine is strong, the price is good, the transport is simple, the operation is simple and workmanship / quality convince.

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